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¦¦  MoBlok Shielded Mobile Phone Covers

MoBloks are handy little phone pouches with a panel of EMF reflecting fabric sewn into them. This special fabric is a mix of cotton woven with filaments of silver and reflects over 99% of high frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones.

Take a look below or click here to visit the MoBlok Phone Cover main page.

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¦¦  Laptop Trays

The ProShield Laptop Tray is a laptop radiation shield that dramatically reduces harmful EMF radiation.

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¦¦  Protective Clothing & Accessories

Our range of EMF reflective clothing and accesories will help keep electromagnetic fields away from sensitive areas.

Take a look below or click here to visit the EMF Clothing main page.


Child and Baby EMF Protective Clothing is made to special order. Contact us for more details

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¦¦  Swiss Shield Fabrics

Swiss Shield is a fabric with extraordinary properties. Woven into it are gossamer thin filaments of metal which effectively block the most prevalent types of electromagnetic fields, shielding you from mobile phone handset and mast radiation, and a host of other different types.

It comes in many different forms, from canopies for your bed to pockets for mobile phones and can also be bought off the roll for shielding windows.

Take a look below or click here to visit the Swiss Shield main page.


EMF Protective Curtains are made to special order. Contact us for more details

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¦¦  EMF Shielding Wallpaper

It makes sense to shield your windows against the constant glare of electro-magnetic radiation but what about your walls? After all, radiation from mobile phone's and their masts doesn't stop at the walls of your house; it beams right through.

For additional shielding from household electrical fields, this wallpaper will need to be earthed using our purpose made copper tape, available in three roll sizes. Click here for details.

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¦¦  EMF Reflecting Bed Canopies

If you think your sleep is being disturbed by electromagnetic fields, a full bed canopy may be the answer.

Take a look below or click here to visit the Bed Canopies main page.

Please note: we do not hold large stocks of our EMF Bed Canopy range so there may be a short delay in processing your order.


Choose from these materials:

Swiss Shield New Daylite: Polyester - 8% copper / silver - 99.9% shielding
Swiss Shield Naturell: Cotton - 18% copper / silver - 99.98% shielding
SuperShield: Nylon - 20% silver - Attenuation: 50dB at 1GHz

Please select the size and material you require from the drop-down menu:

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¦¦  Earthing Kits

Restore some much needed balance to the electric fields in your home by using an Earthing Kit.

Thumb: General Earthing Kit More Details General Earthing Kit

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Thumb: Personal Earthing Kit More Details Personal Earthing Kit

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Thumb: Footmat Earthing Kit More Details Foot Mat Earthing Kit

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Thumb: Bed Earthing Kit More Details Bed Earthing Kit

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Thumb: Computer Earthing Kit More Details Computer Earthing Kit - 600 x 400mm

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Thumb: Computer Earthing Kit More Details Computer Earthing Kit - 900 x 600mm

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Thumb: Computer Earthing Kit More Details Computer Earthing Kit - 1200 x 600mm

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» What is EMF?

EMF = Electro-Magnetic Field. It can also be known as EMR or Electro-Magnetic Radiation. Microwaves, used the world over for telecommunications, are a prolific source of electromagnetic radiation.

»Common Sources of Microwave EMF/R

Probably the most well known source of microwave radiation is your oven, but its radiation is very localised.

Mobile phones and their masts use microwave radiation to transmit your calls.

Wi-Fi allows electronic devices to communicate wirelessly using microwave radiation.

GPS systems (sat-nav) can only work through the use of microwaves.

Radar systems also use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.

Add to this list amateur radio, satellite communications and Bluetooth and it soon becomes clear that you are being bathed in microwave radiation every second of your life.

»Where do you stand?

It is likely that you fall into one of two camps. Either; ‘I don’t like the sound of that’ or; ‘am I bothered?’

If you are not bothered, then that is fine and quite understandable. You feel no ill-effects from the constant stream of microwaves beaming through your body so why should you care? Well, in most cases, you shouldn’t. The microwave radiation is very diffuse and distant. However, when you use a mobile phone or a wi-fi network, the microwave radiation is concentrated on a much smaller area; usually your head or, if you are using a laptop or similar, other sensitive areas.

It could be that you have suddenly decided to join the ‘I don’t like the sound of that’ camp. If so;

»What are the dangers?

That is the sixty four thousand dollar question. The short answer is; nobody knows. No exhaustive, far-reaching study has been done into the effects of microwave radiation exposure so you are left to make up your own mind. It could be that you are electro-sensitive (sensitive to electromagnetic fields), in which case, you don’t need convincing about the effects. However, if you are undecided, you could do worse than peruse our range of EMF shielding products. From phone pouches to bed canopies, you will find everything you need to keep EMF’s at bay.

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