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» What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a simple substance with a molecule comprising of two hydrogen (H) atoms and two oxygen (O) atoms. In a simple way, it is very similar to water (H2O) but with an extra oxygen atom. This extra oxygen atom is what gives Hydrogen Peroxide its wide range of uses.

Hydrogen Peroxide is highly reactive and easily breaks down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O). Oxygen is released as a single atom.

Free oxygen atoms are intensely reactive and will preferentially react with another free oxygen atom to give an oxygen molecule (O2).

Essentially, the by products of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide are water and oxygen, making it a safe, non toxic alternative for a variety of home, garden and personal uses.

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced naturally in the atmosphere when Ozone (O3) is struck by ultra-violet light in the presence of water vapour and falls to the earth as rain. This is one of the natural processes that cleanses our atmosphere.

Hydrogen Peroxide’s powerful oxidising properties give it a wide application of uses including industrial, commercial, natural, military and scientific purposes. Hydrogen Peroxide is available in many grades, all designed for different applications. Electrical grade for example contains added chemical stabilisers to prevent it from decomposing. This is true for most grades of Hydrogen Peroxide. The only grade that can be used safely for personal/home use is known as 'Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide'

Our H2O2 is provided in the purest form, without any chemical additives.

» Hydrogen Peroxide Dilution

As H2O2 is very keen to react with anything it comes into contact with, it is important that you dilute it with distilled water only. Distilled water is ultra pure and is free of other substances that the H2O2 can react with. As tap water contains a cocktail of complex chemicals and minerals, it causes H2O2 to react with those substances. To prevent this you must use only pure water. Bottled water also contains minerals which causes H2O2 to react.

If you have your own water purifier you can buy a handy piece of kit called a TDS meter. TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters test the electrical conductivity of the water, giving you a good indication of the purity of the water. They are relatively cheap and easy to use.

When diluting Hydrogen Peroxide you should;
Always use a clean and sterile glass or pyrex measuring jug.
Make sure you are wearing protective gloves (provided) and goggles as required.
Only use a suitable container
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs flush away with plenty of water.

» Dilution Ratios from 12% H2O2

Dilution to 3% H2O2
3 parts Distilled Water
1 part 12% Hydrogen Peroxide

Dilution to 6% H2O2
1 part Distilled Water
1 part 12% Hydrogen Peroxide

» Hydrogen Peroxide Storage and Decomposition

The rate of H2O2 decomposition into water and oxygen is variable because of a number of factors. Heat and light will dramatically speed up the decomposition process. Our H2O2 products are un-stabilised (as in needed for human use) which means that it will most readily break down into more stable molecules of water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). Technical and industrial grade H2O2 products contain stabilisers which slow this process. You should also be careful not to allow any particles to contaminate your H2O2. The Hydrogen Peroxide will react upon contact with many contaminants and release oxygen, weakening the solution.

Your H2O2 should be stored in its original packaging, in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from the reach of children. Although heat will speed up the decomposition process, it should not to be stored in a refrigerator if children in your household have access to it. Also, do not freeze.

Our H2O2 is supplied in HDPE bottles which are BPA free. H2O2 can also be stored in glass but we advise against glass containers due to safety concerns.

» Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

The use of Hydrogen Peroxide as a bio-oxidative therapy is highly controversial and we cannot endorse it. There have been many books written about Hydrogen Peroxide internal/oral use, of which some claim that it has the ability to cure many ailments and diseases. Hydrogen Peroxide should not be considered as a miracle cure, but it is indeed a very useful substance with dozens of legitimate uses.

If you are considering following one of the many H2O2 protocols that can be found on the web, we strongly recommend that you contact your healthcare professional or a licensed practitioner with experience using H2O2 for therapeutic purposes.

» Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

H2O2 can be used as an effective non-toxic disinfectant. For sanitising surfaces, use a 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide spray on worktops, sinks and other kitchen/bathroom surfaces. This leaves your surfaces bacteria free without leaving behind any toxic chemical residue. We recommend that you always test on an inconspicuous area first.

You can also sterilise your fresh fruit and vegetables with hydrogen peroxide. Use 50ml of 3% H2O2 in a bowl full of water. Soak for 10-15 minutes, drain and dry. This will kill any harmful microbes while increasing the storage life.

H2O2 can be used as a mouthwash. Use up to a 3% solution after brushing and rinsing your teeth. Consider using with our pure sodium bicarbonate. 3% H2O2 can also be used to soak and clean toothbrushes.

H2O2 is also used within the National Health Service (NHS) to deep clean hospital wards and ambulances. This process works by using Hydrogen Peroxide vapour to eradicate bacteria, viruses and fungi from hospital wards and equipment.

H2O2 has many other home and personal uses. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact us.


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