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» Why use a MoBlok mobile phone cover?

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Is mobile phone radiation dangerous?

This is one of those questions that no one can answer for sure.

One look at our EMF protection main page should be enough to convince you that it should, at the very least, be treated with extreme caution.

When you make a call, your phone’s antenna emits microwave radiation. This radiation sweeps through your skull on its way to the phone mast.

Nora Volkow is the Director of the National (US) Institute on Drug Abuse and a world renowned brain scientist. She and her colleagues from the Dept’ of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory scanned the brains of 47 healthy individuals after they had been using a mobile for 50 minutes. Significantly, the phones were muted so any changes in brain activity could not be related to listening to, thinking about or engaging in speech. What they found was with the phone simply ‘on,’ there was a significant change in brain activity in the areas closest to the phones antenna. Volkow says: “Our study does not enlighten this controversy at all. What it does say is that our brains are sensitive to this electromagnetic (microwave) radiation.” The parts of the brain affected, close to where a phone is commonly held, are the right orbitofrontal cortex and parts of the temporal lobe. These areas are responsible for memory, language and vision. It makes you think what prolonged exposure to EMR could be doing to your brains learning ability, and how much worse it could be for children with their thinner scalps and skulls.

Is it worth the risk?  

If you decide it isn’t, you need a Moblok.

Mobloks are handy little phone pouches with a panel of EMF reflecting fabric sewn into them. This special fabric is a mix of cotton woven with filaments of silver and reflects over 99% of high frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones.

Especially useful for growing children, who may be more susceptible to harmful radiation.

They are available 3 classy colours and are suitable for iPhones, Blackberries and most other smart phones

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Mobloks and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth devices and headsets emit microwave radiation in much the same way as mobile phones but Bluetooth signals can only travel short distances. However, using a Bluetooth headset may negate some of the advantages of using a Moblok.


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