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Computer Earthing Kit - 1200 x 600mm

Computer Earthing Kit

Ground yourself in the reality of modern living

One of the main benefits of this Computer Earthing Kit is its ability to reduce the possible harmful effects associated with electro-magnetic radiation.

Life in the 21st century sees us swimming in a sea of electro-magnetic fields, from mobile phones and their masts and wi-fi through to radio and TV broadcasts, computers and power lines. By using a Computer Earthing Kit, we can restore some much needed balance.

This Computer Earthing Kit comprises a 1200 x 600 x 2mm thick anti-static mat with a 'snap on' stud in each corner onto which the screen, mouse and keyboard sit. This is connected to an earthing plug via a 3 metre long 'snap on' earth lead. The earthing plug connects to your home's earth system and contains a 1 mega ohm resistor which prevents any feedback from the electrical supply. A 'clip on' plastic coated crocodile clip and additional 'snap on' lead are included for earthing the computer processor.

The Computer Earthing Kit is simple and easy to install and requires no expertise. Full instructions are included.

Earthing Kits are available in several variations

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Please note: due to continuous design updates by manufacturers, the product supplied may not exactly match that pictured.


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