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» What is Apple Pectin?

Apple Pectin is a sugar derivative found in the cell walls of apples.

How is Apple Pectin made?

The Apple Pectin found in supplements starts life in a processing plant where the pectin is extracted from apple pomace (the solid remains after juicing) by adding hot diluted acid. After a few hours, the proto-pectin turns into liquid and is then filtered and the pectin extracted by way of vacuum.

What is Apple Pectin used for?

Apple Pectin has many uses in the food industry and is well known to cooks as a setting agent for jams and jellies. As a nutritional supplement, Apple Pectin contributes to the reduction of the blood glucose rise after a meal (10g of pectins per quantified portion) and the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels (with a daily intake of 6g of pectins).

How does Apple Pectin work?

Apple Pectin’s cholesterol maintenance effect comes from its ability to bind with and remove fats before absorption.


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