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BioBran - 30 - 1000mg Sachets

BioBran MGN-3 Immunomodulator

Developed in Japan by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in 1992, BioBran is manufactured using a patented process that results in a unique blend of glyconutrients (plant carbohydrates).

Your immune system works by sending an army of white blood cells around the body, destroying the millions of invading microbes that enter your body every day.

Sachet ingredients: arabinoxylan compound (1000mg), microcrystaline cellulose (bulking agent), dextrin (stabiliser), corn starch (stabiliser), tricalcium phosphate (anti-caking agent).

Directions for adults: As a daily food supplement, take one sachet of BioBran 1000 dispersed in a little water after a meal. If extra nutritional boost is required, take one sachet 3 times daily after meals for 2 months. Then reduce to one sachet per day.

Contra-indications: Not to be taken with immuno-suppressants

Side effects: None known

Allergen information: None known (contains small amounts of corn starch as a filler and the tablets contain insignificant amounts of cocoa as a natural colourant)

Dietary information: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


BioBran - 30 - 1000mg Sachets supplement warnings

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