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» What is T-Xelim?

T-Xelim is a powerful food supplement containing MSM and organic silica (hydrated diatomaceous earth) in a base of di-atomic Oxygenated Grander Water.

Oxygenated Grander Water is made from Diatomaceous Earth, the siliceous remains of "Diatoms" (the name given to any of the 5000 species of algae from the Bacillariophyceae family). This type of algae populates the top 100 metres of the earth’s oceans and lakes, where sunlight is more abundantly available.

Diatoms are the main components of plankton, the primary food source for most aquatic creatures. They form the very beginning of the marine life food chain.

When the diatoms die, they fall to the ocean floor in layers creating thick chalky deposits. These are mainly found in the western part of the American continent.

These chalky deposits play a very important role in evolution, supplying 70% of the world’s oxygen through their decaying remains due to the polymerization of silica in their skeletons. Only after this process of decay could the utilization of oxygen begin (with a little help from some enzymes).

Silica works with biological sulphur (MSM), vitamin C and amino acids, hydroxy lysine and proline.

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