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» What is Swiss Shield?

Swiss Shield is a lightweight fabric with extraordinary properties. Woven into it are gossamer thin filaments of metal which effectively block the most prevalent types of electromagnetic fields, shielding you from mobile phone mast and handset radiation, and a host of other different types.

It is available in different forms with differing protection levels. We supply the three commonest forms for use in the home.

Swiss Shield - Wear - can be used for clothing, bedding, sleeping bags etc.

Swiss Shield - New Daylite - can be used for curtains, room dividers, canopies etc.

Swiss Shield - Naturell – can be used in the same way as Daylite.

Sold by the running metre - Minimum order quantity: one linear metre - Round metre orders only please.

Click here to learn more about EMFs and their effects, or to view our full range of EMF Protective Products


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EMF protective curtains are made to special order. Contact us for more details.


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