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» What are Ozonoils?

Ozonoils, also known as Ozonated Oils, are the same as regular natural oils but their extra oxygen content makes them ideal for treating a variety of conditions.

Ozonoils are made by bubbling concentrated ozone gas, derived from medical grade oxygen, through different kinds of oil.

Bob's Best Ozonoils vary in consistency. Coconut Ozonoil is very thick and sticky whereas Flax Seed and Olive Ozonoils are more liquidy. Hemp Seed Ozonoil is a thick liquid and has little taste compared to our other ozonoils.

During the ozonating process, the oxygen breaks down the structure of the oil at a molecular level so when applied to the skin, it penetrates deeper.

What is Ozone?

Ozone has had a lot of bad press in recent times, mainly down to reports about the hole in the ozone layer and its role in atmospheric pollution. But do you actually know what ozone is?

Most of us know of oxygen, or O2. Well, ozone is simply oxygen with three atoms instead of two. It can be known as O3, trioxygen or activated oxygen, and is very common in the natural world. It is created as a result of lightning strikes and, because of its powerful sterilizing properties, is nature’s way of purifying the air we breathe.


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