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» Why use an Ozonator?

Over the past few years, domestic ozonators have increased in popularity due to a more rational and truthful approach to ozone.

In the not too distant past, ozone was hailed as a dangerous substance, thought to cause various lung diseases from breathing in the smallest amounts. If this were true, we would have to live in an air tight rooms as large amounts of ozone are generated by lightning. The fresh smell after a thunder storm is ozone. It is believed to be nature’s way of cleansing the atmosphere.

Ozone is a triatomic molecule (O3) consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic (O2, regular oxygen). It is a gas made from air and high voltage.

The injection of ozone into water produces tiny ozone bubbles, which saturate the water.

An ozonator is more than just a water and oil sterilizer; we use ours for sterilizing food too. We put the produce in a zip lock bag with the outlet tube inside and run the machine for 30 seconds whilst shaking the bag.

Ozonating fresh perishable foods like meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits and flowers increases shelf life and decreases shrinkage.

Ozonator Features:

  • No filters to change
  • Automatic timer from 5 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Continuous operation
  • Convenient wall mounting holes
  • Very high ozone output – most ozonators produce a maximum of 300mg per hour, this machine is rated to 600ml /h

We use our Ozonator all through the day. We ozonate our water after purification.


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2011-01-20 22:33:35
I love this ozonator and wouldn't now be without it. I use it not only to purify my drinking water and food but also to purify the water in the aquarium. The tank water is always crystal clear and doesn't need changing nearly so often. The fish have never been happier!
Walter Akita
2013-03-11 06:05:21
I live in Corvallis, OR. I was attracted to the high ozone output of your ozonator. Are there any parts that require replacement after a certain period of time, and do I need additional electrical equipment in order to use the unit in the U.S?
2013-08-29 15:53:22
Dear Sir/Madam,
Can your Ozonator purify drinking water ?
If not can you recommend one?
Thank You
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