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» What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha is a very finely ground green tea. Originating in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) it was bought to Japan by Zen missionaries, who used it during monastic rituals around 1190. The tea quickly became popular there, particularly amongst the higher classes, and Japan remains the biggest producer of quality Matcha tea. The tea is made from the finest, hand picked tea buds. These leaves are allowed to dry before being de-veined, de-stemmed and ground into the fine powder that makes up Matcha tea. It can take up to 1 hour to grind just 30g of Matcha tea.


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Matcha Green Tea - Directions for use.

You should keep your Matcha Green Tea in an air tight container and in the freezer to preserve its freshness. Take it out well ahead of time so that it is able to warm to room temperature before you start your preparation.

Matcha is a traditional Japanese drink, and you will enjoy your Matcha Green Tea experience far more if you use traditional Japanese Matcha utensils and methods for preparing your tea.

Utensils Needed:

  • Chawan - A Matcha bowl
  • Chasen - A bamboo Matcha whisk
  • Chashaku - A bamboo Matcha scoop
  • Chakin - A linen tea cloth
  • Furui - A Matcha sifter
  • A bowl for boiling water
  • A thermometer to measure water temperature.

Step 1.

Preheat the chawan (Matcha bowl) and chasen (bamboo whisk) with hot water. Once they are thoroughy heated, empty the water and dry the chawan (Matcha bowl) out (preferably with a Chakin). Set the chasen (bamboo whisk) aside, and retain 70ml of the water in a seperate bowl to cool.

Step 2.

Use the chashaku (bamboo scoop) to measure about 1.5 - 2 scoops of your Match Green Tea into the furui (Matcha sifter) and sift into the chawan (Matcha bowl) to prevent any lumps from forming.

Step 3.

Once the water from Step 1 drops to 70°C (158°F)- 80° (176°F) pour it into the chawan.

Step 4.

Take the chasen (bamboo whisk) and whisk the Matcha Green Tea and water briskly in a W motion, using just the wrist (not the arm). Continue to whisk until the Matcha Green Tea has a thick frothy surface with lots of tiny air bubbles. Your traditional Matcha Green Tea is now ready to drink! Drink it down right away before the powdered leaves have time to settle. Traditionally, nothing is added to Matcha Green Tea, so no cream, milk, sugar or lemon.