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» What is Libby Chan Probiotic Cleaner?

If you thought probiotics were something drunk by good looking people on TV or were only to be taken as an aid to digestion, then you're going to learn something new.

Many of us are aware that probiotics are a way to increase the population of good bacteria in a specific environment but did you know that environment doesn't have to be inside you?

Introducing a radical new approach to keeping your home clean.

If cleaning product manufacturers had there way, we'd be living in a totally sterile environment fearful of touching any surface that hadn't been blitzed by a ton of anti-bacterial cleaner. But this approach is far from healthy. These cleaners kill allbacteria including the many beneficial strains that live with us and help us build and maintain our resistance to the bad. Without this resistance, the outside world becomes a dangerous place, full of nasties just waiting to knock you off your feet.

To combat this imbalance, the clever folk at My Living Water have created Libby Chan Concentrate. A probiotic cleaner. Libby Chan Concentrate is an all natural cleaner containing probiotic 'friendly' bacteria. These bacteria create a balanced microbial environment by producing enzymes which break down odours, grease, dirt and grime. With continued use, Libby Chan probiotic cleaner creates a natural, clean, healthy and balanced home eco-system; chemical free and safe for you and your family.

Directions for use:
For normal household cleaning, dilute 1:5 with water in a spray bottle (supplied). Spray, leave to work for a few minutes, then wipe.


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