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:: Essiac-T - Four Herb Blend



» What is Essiac-T?

Our Essiac-T is brewed from the parts of four different plants. The roots of the Burdock and Rhubarb plant, the inner bark from the Slippery Elm tree and the leaves and flowers of Sheep Sorrell.

Burdock Root – (Arctium Lappa).

In many countries across the globe, the burdock plant is widely used as a food source and also for its medicinal properties


Slippery Elm
Slippery Elm Inner Bark – (Ulmus Fulva).

Slippery Elm is a species of elm tree that has been used as a herbal remedy in North America for hundreds of years.

Sheep Sorrel – (Rumex Acetosa).

This common plant has been used as a salad food and for its medicinal properties for many centuries. It is rich in vitamins and trace minerals including ascorbic acid, mineral oxides, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and rutin.

Sheep Sorrell
Rhubarb Indian Rhubarb Root – (Rheum Officinale).

Used traditionally in small amounts, this herb contains malic acid.


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