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» What is a Vacuum Drink Saver?

The Drink Saver from Vacu Vin is a vacuum pump which extracts the air from an opened bottle of your favourite healthy drink and re-seals it with a re-usable rubber stopper. Simply place the stopper in the bottle and extract the air using the drink saver pump. An audible click indicates when the optimum vacuum level has been reached.

The vacuum in the bottle slows down the oxidation process. This process occurs when any substance, such as your drink, comes into contact with oxygen. The oxygen will react with the substance causing it to deteriorate at vary rates. Fruit, for example, oxidizes (goes brown) quite quickly whereas iron will take a while longer (rust). With a vacuum between your drink and the oxygen in the atmosphere, your drink will last longer.

The unique and patented 'click' system means no more wondering 'did I pump it enough?'


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