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Say NO! to hazardous chemicals in your home. Our range of cleaning products eschews the traditional chemical cleaning route that can create an unhealthy environment in your home, instead focussing on natural eco-friendly ingredients and bio-degradability.


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2011-07-01 13:34:51
I use the salt as seasoning in and on food, and in the bath.
michael dunsmore
2011-05-20 20:22:47
I would like to know what is the medicinal benefit of your Himalayan Salts and how should I take them - pretty basic stuff!
janet oades
2011-09-17 10:08:23
thank you to Kevin for our inspiring chat this morning. I am looking forward to meeting you on Friday 30th Sept.
2012-12-20 21:31:44
Dear friends,
I wanted to know if you have ever encountered someone having swollen tonsils and cured them using h2o2. Because some people say they had their tonsils cured completely!
Thank you!

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