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»Cherry Active - What is it?

CherryActive is concentrated Montmorency cherry juice. It is made with no added sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, colours or flavours. The unique processing methods preserves the potent capabilities of the carefully selected Montmorency cherries, helping you live your life in optimum health and fitness.

Dilute 30ml in 250ml of water or add to a smoothie or yoghurt.

Lasts up to 12 months refrigerated.


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The clever folk at CherryActive have also managed to squeeze all that natural goodness into capsule form.

Freeze-dried, fine milled and 100% vegetarian, CherryActive capsules are a convenient and taste-free way to reap the benefits of Montmorency cherries.

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Blueberry Active is a new product from Cherry Active that concentrates the goodness inherent in blueberries and presents it to you in an easy to assimilate liquid form.


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