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:: Three Herb Kit

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» What's in the Three Herb Kit?

120 - 350mg capsules
Ingredients: wormwood. Capsule: vegetable cellulose.

Black Walnut Hull
50ml Tincture
Ingredients: black walnut hull (green), grain alcohol, distilled water.

120 - 450mg Capsules
Ingredients: clove. Capsule: gelatin.


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2013-01-30 17:55:37
Is this one month's supply? Is there info on the bottle about how long to take the tablets to clear the parasites? Thanks
2013-11-18 22:15:09
Dermodectic mange in dogs
Please advise dosage for a 25kg 1 year old dog. The mange is caused by mites in the hair follicles and an immature immune system,

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