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» What is Aloe?

Aloe Vera may sound like someone greeting a friend but we’re actually talking about an unassuming plant that grows in arid areas of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. It is a stemless succulent member of the lily and onion family, quite similar to a cactus. Its leaves contain a clear gel, the medicinal properties of which have been used for several thousand years.

Aloe Ferox is another species of Aloe, also used to make medication and gels. It is native to South Africa where it grows in abundance in the wild, from where it is cultivated and turned into organic and unfiltered juices and gels.

How is Aloe Vera Made?

If you had your own plant, it would simply be a case of cracking open a leaf and applying the gel to wherever it was needed but, as most of us don’t, several manufacturers do the job for you, either processing the whole leaf to create gels, lotions, concentrates and powders or just processing the gel from the leaf itself.

What is Aloe Vera Used For?

Contrary to what you might have seen on the TV, it’s not just an additive for shampoo. Aloe Vera is a component in many skin-care products and as a lotion has many soothing uses in and around the home making it an ideal natural alternative to modern pharmaceuticals.

The Science Bit

There are around 200 species of Aloe plant but the one we are most interested in is Aloe Barbadensis Miller, also known as ‘true Aloe.’ It contains polysaccharides that do the heavy lifting when it comes to working its magic.


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Aloe Vera & Aloe Ferox juice, gel and softgels; the modern way to reap the benefits of this natural marvel.



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Mrs Ceri Ajasa
2013-01-19 19:06:08
My 3 year old son suffers from itchy patches / eczema and has been prescribed oilatum. I just wondered if you have any products you can suggest - Thanks

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