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» What is Slippery Elm?

Slippery Elm (ulmus fulva) - also known as Red Elm, Moose Elm or Indian Elm - is a small tree native to North America. It has been part of traditional herbal medicine for over 100 years, and was used by North Americans and early settlers as a survival food during lean times. Tradition has it that the American troops who spent the bitter winter at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War survived for days on slippery elm gruel.

Slippery Elm is a soothing herb that is consumed in many forms including lozenges and liquid extracts.


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2010-11-29 00:30:40
Hi, can you tell me what is removed from the water by using the alkaline jug? I have recently purchased a berkey water system from america, mainly due to the fact that they claim to remove fluoride by about 99% and about 85 other contaminents overall by a similar %, and im unsure whether it makes the water more acidy or not, i never had awareness of that soo much as recently. I'm just wondering how much i would benefit with this system overall. Thanks
2014-03-17 23:02:46
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