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» Why use a Sprouter?

If, like me, you see the word ‘sprout’ and shudder, then you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Sprouters have nothing to do with the little round vegetables that menace dinner plates the world over. No, what we are talking about here are freshly sprouted seeds, such as alfalfa and broccoli, or mung beans and their like.

You may wonder why you should bother growing new vegetables when you can wander down to the shops and buy fully grown vegetables off the shelf. Well, it is a little known fact that many vegetables hit their nutritional peak when they are but mere seedlings, or sprouts, making these Sprouters perfect for individuals wanting extra nutritional punch from their greens.

So why are these young sprouts so good for you? Because they’re packed with bio-available enzymes, phytonutrients (plant chemicals containing protective, disease-preventing, compounds), vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and proteins, all easily digested and absorbed.

So, even if you don’t know one end of a spade from the other, you'll be green-fingered and regular before you know it!


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