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Warts & Verrucae - Hydrogen Peroxide

Warts are extremely common, primarily found on children or young adults. They are recognized as a rough textured growth that most regularly appears on fingers or toes, but can also be found on other areas of the skin. A wart that appears on toes or soles of the feet is known as a verruca (plantar wart). Considering the location they can be extremely painful as they appear on pressurized areas of the foot.

Warts are caused by a viral infection, specifically by the 'human papillomavirus' (HPV). Being the most common viral infection of the skin, warts are highly contagious and can survive for months without a host; hence why they can be acquired from swimming pools or showers. They can also be easily contracted via use of objects such as hand towels used by someone infected with the virus, but are most commonly transferred through direct skin contact.

Warts can recede after a few months but can reoccur for years. It is therefore essential to seek treatment to aid discomfort as well as decrease duration of symptoms, and to reduce transference to others.

So what are the best methods of prevention and removal of warts?

Whilst freeze-off types of treatment are readily available, they are very expensive and in my experience rarely work. Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive, widely used and trusted method to deteriorate and even rid you of warts for good!

How is hydrogen peroxide used to remove warts?

In my opinion, the most effective way to utilize the treatment is to initially gently scrape the outer layer using a nail file or similar object and then proceed to dab hydrogen peroxide (35% (food grade)) onto the wart with cotton wool or a cotton bud.

Note that 35% is strong, so if the wart is in a sensitive area, try diluting with water. Be sure only to apply to the direct area, avoiding surrounding skin as it can burn ever so slightly. Be careful if the wart is on the face and avoid using the substance near eyes. Continue to apply the hydrogen peroxide twice a day until the wart turns white and the surrounding skin begins to appear slightly white. This method has been known to work within a matter of days! However, rate of recovery depends on the location of the wart and could therefore take a few weeks to disappear. Keep persisting with treatment until the wart blackens, and it will then eventually drop off. Any aggravation of surrounding skin is only temporary, and a bearable side affect considering the outstanding result of this treatment!

Keep out of reach of young children who may swallow the substance.

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2010-10-06 15:02:51
Among otherproblems and disease, I have been diagnosed with warts [HPV/papillovirus] on the underside of my left foot, some eight or ten years ago. Therapy was suggested similar to what you refer above, but I chose not to follow/apply it, fearing the pain/discomfort and repetition of therapy if results were not successful, or just pf temporary nature. On August 16th 2010, I started ingesting 3% H2O2 diluted in filtered water, in very small doses of one or two teaspoonfuls daily, mainly because of uncertainty/fear of possibility of stabilizer's/additive's presence, since no specific info on that, existed on the exterior surface of the 200ml containers, while at the same time, there was a warning on the container, stating the external use of contents. Nevertheless, since the same company offers a similar [3% H2O2] container bottle where preservatives and other substances like x-Paraben are explicitly stated in the info text of the container, I decided to risk ingesting. I also started having foot-baths. I would add about 30ml of 3% H2O2 in about 1 lt of filtered water, in a small plastic tub, then adding some hot filtered water to it and either relaxing for an hour or so, or during that time, moving toes and rubbing feet together. After approx. ten days and shedding away a layer of about 0.5 mm of dead epidermis tissue, plus all wart growths was only a natural consequence. Now, after all that, seems that H2O2 molecules or maybe just oxygen, -after each daily foot-bath, enter the body through the epidermis layer of both feet, resulting in a wonderful state of light feet, or just well-being...Now, having found your wonderful site, I will hopefully be able try the much safer Food Grade - Hydrogen Peroxide.

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