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Maren Snyders
2010-09-13 21:26:42
Greetings from the United States. Our 15 month old son is currently being treated for intermediate risk Stage IV neuroblastoma. He has done well to date with an organic diet, flax seed, omega oils, german chammomile, quercetin, etc. but am wondering if your son's full regimen is available. Would be eternally grateful to be able to tap into your research and expertise. God bless, Maren Snyders, mother of Emmett
Robert WT Daulby
2013-05-25 23:17:47
35% Hydrogen Peroxide (this very detox kit) cured not only my serious mouth infection and a huge boil on my inner thigh very quickly indeed (without bursting etc), but also, yesterday, I attended the wedding of a lady who was given just one month to live TWO YEARS AGO who also took this same course! I don't care what anybody 'says'. This works and that is final.

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