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25 Litres 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Effective 2nd September 2014, new regulations mean that no one in the UK can sell Hydrogen Peroxide stronger than 12%.
Anyone selling 35% or anything stronger than 12% is committing a Criminal Offense. As such, you can no longer purchase 35% from our website. Click Here to view all our H2O2 products including 12%.

Supplied in 50 x 500ml HDPE bottles.

Peroxygen - Purest peroxide of hydrogen.

For those who wish to use hydrogen peroxide in the bath. Feel the bubbles fizz!

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) breaks down easily into water (H2O) oxygen (O).

Within the body, friendly bacteria flourish in oxygen rich environments, whereas most strains of harmful bacteria prefer oxygen poor environments (anaerobic). They find it hard to survive in the presence of oxygen.

Please note: due to continuous design updates by manufacturers, the product supplied may not exactly match that pictured.


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