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Ingestion of Hydrogen Peroxide

The method of ingesting hydrogen peroxide is received as a controversial subject. Some suggest that it is dangerous to ingest the solution, whilst others swear by inhaling and even drinking it in small, diluted doses.

It is clear that to have a high intake of the substance would be internally harmful, but people have used the method of drinking small percentages of the solution, as well spraying the substance under the tongue, as a treatment for years and have reported no side affects - indeed, this method has resulted in positive outcomes of clearer breathing, healing effects of aching muscles and even a complete lack of colds and flu after having used the substance right the way through to old age.

The grade of 35% (food grade) hydrogen peroxide is recommended for methods such as these when it has been diluted down to 3% with water. However, when initially trying this kind of treatment it is best to start with a minute concentration of 0.5% and then increase gradually to 3%.

How is hydrogen peroxide used in ingestion treatments?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) therapies are considered by many to be cutting edge alternative treatments that aid and potentially even cure a wide range of severe illnesses. These methods have even been thought to cure cancer, tumors and AID's.

The human body needs hydrogen peroxide for a multitude of other chemical reactions that take place throughout the body. The colon is responsible for the elimination of wastes and toxins, and the assimilation of nutrients.

Bio Oxidative Therapies

Ozone and H2O2 therapies are considered cutting edge alternative health care protocols for treating a wide range of chronic illnesses including, cancer, AID's and tumors. We would like to share some information that the FDA would prefer you didn't read, fortunately some doctors do not feel the same as the general community and are using these processes to cure people.