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Hydrogen Peroxide As An Ear Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years as a well known, safe method for unblocking ear wax and easing the discomfort of an ear infection. Excess ear wax is an extremely common problem that hundreds of people a year seek medical advice and treatment for. It can stem from stress or even aging, and is the root cause of a cold or flu. Using it in a diluted form, hydrogen peroxide eases any build of wax in the ear and flushes out bacteria that lead to colds and flu, and will also aid to ward off any other infection.

What is the best method of treating ear problems with hydrogen peroxide?

There are numerous methods involving hydrogen peroxide to relieve an ear infection by flushing the ear of excess wax. I believe that the most effective method involves using a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and instilling a few drops into the infected ear with a dropper.

To do this, tilt your head to one side (infected ear facing upwards) in order to make it easier for the solution to be dripped into the infected ear. If you have slightly sensitive skin then you can dilute 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a teaspoon of water and then instill with the use of a dropper; otherwise simply apply 2-3 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and leave for a few minutes (remaining in the same position) until you feel a slight bubbling that will last for a small period of time. If you experience a tingling/stinging sensation simply rinse the dropper with water and use it to rinse the infected ear with a few drops of water. Dab ear with tissue to remove any remaining residue of the solution. If the ear wax is deep set and the infection persists then continue with the treatment 3-4 times a day until the ear becomes clearer.

Do not attempt this treatment if you have extremely sensitive skin, severe ear pain or hearing impairment.

If used appropriately before a virus entirely takes hold, the effects of this treatment are noticeable after a short period of time and can bring relief within 24 hours!