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Warts & Verrucae - Apple Cider Vinegar

It is well known that warts are very common and are an extreme nuisance and discomfort. In fact it's estimated that 4 out of 5 people will suffer from warts in their lifetime. However, what is lesser known are any effective, inexpensive treatments to rid you of the annoyance!

So what are the best methods of prevention and removal of warts?

One such treatment for the removal of warts involves using apple cider vinegar. This natural substance works extremely successfully in removing warts due to its acidic content, and effectively enables the root of the wart to peel off, ridding the affected area of the virus entirely.

How is apple cider vinegar used for removing warts?

The quickest way to remove a wart using apple cider vinegar is to place a piece of cotton wool that has been soaked in the substance over the affected area, and hold firmly in place using a bandage. Keep covered over night and repeat this method each night until the wart turns black and eventually drops off of its own accord. Always ensure that you continue the treatment until the core of the wart is no longer visible, otherwise the wart will reoccur. This simple, natural remedy works so effectively that results are visible within a matter of days in some circumstances! However, if you are applying treatment to a verruca be patient as it may take longer (a matter of a few weeks) for it to be entirely eradicated as they grow inwards.