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We have learnt that many people purchase our food grade hydrogen peroxide to take orally.

We cannot endorse the use of hydrogen peroxide for therapeutic purposes. Do not use our H2O2 products for internal use unless prescribed by and under the direct supervision of a licensed healthcare professional.

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2010-01-14 16:37:28
you always add 35% to distilled water
Steve Wilden
2010-01-18 02:05:49
Super fast delivery of the hydrogen peroxide,top back up, Thanx much
ian rogers
2011-07-05 11:17:11
good day i have rheumatoid arthritis and am currently taking high dosages of medication
can i still use this method with my meds also i drink fresh orange jiuce do i have to stop this thankyou
2011-07-04 10:16:17
Thanks so much. Got the H2O2 in Ukraine. Customs gave me a hard time as I imagined but got the product in the end. I wear sandals 8 months of the year and my feet are always calloused. Have had great results with soaking my feet in just 1 day!! The dishwasher smell is gone and me and my Italian greyhound are so much more energetic. Can't thank you enough for sending it to Ukraine.
Annelise Bjerregaard
2010-02-26 15:46:51
Thanks for a quick delivery. But I can't get destilled water in France. What do I do ?
Many thanks
2011-07-02 21:56:48
Hi Lynne: I am confused about taking supplements and using this therapy. Can I just follow the protocol, using H2O2 an hour before and 3 hours after supplements? The warning is is unclear. Or does anyone using vitamin and mineral supplements have to avoid this therapy? Thanks, Kathy
2010-03-09 15:44:44
I have now on my third on a course on 35% HP with the above schedule in the last 3 years. I have read the same directions above in other site using 35 HP.
I suffer from real chronic dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis). Each of the other 2 attempts I got 80% symptoms cleared, but I could not stick to the program due to the strength of the solution at above 20 drops.
The over 4 to 5 months the condition becomes chronic.
Now I am on 20 drops and my condition is about 50% better and the itching has gone.
I would say its safe at 25 drops but vary hard to drinking the solution and timing avoiding foods.
This time round I will go all the way to 6 months if i have to. I have personally seen the effects on myself and beleive HP does work.
2010-04-14 18:37:06
@andrea: get off the pain killers, use electrotherapy (ems/tens) to stimulate circulation in joint regions and stop muscle atrophy without moving painful joints. tens also stops nerves sending pain messages, no nasty chemicals. then try h2o2
2010-04-14 19:56:53
I have Parkinsons and take Madapor meds, bysoprol, cetalipram and parecetemol so would h202 conflict?
Akhilesh S A
2011-06-26 11:45:01
35% h202 must always be diluted to 3% before use as far as i know. I want to know the duration for international shipping to India.
2010-05-09 17:48:43
"Vitamin C, iron and fats in the stomach change hydrogen peroxide into super-oxide free radicals . This can severely damage the lining of your stomach . The same is true of iron, copper, silver or manganese so if you are supplementing these minerals DO NOT TAKE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE INTERNALLY.". So what this means I can't take none of this. Or I can't take as much. Or this means I can take it and should wait about 3 hours and then I can drink H2O2.
Akhilesh S A
2011-06-26 05:12:23
How many days does it take to ship to India? And the distiller cups renewable from your site?
2010-05-26 14:57:04
Mihai... 3 drops with distilled water in the morning, again in the afternoon and finally in the evening. Use at least an hour BEFORE food and or any other supplements.
2010-05-27 12:39:06
Thanks Churchy for your feedback.
It would be better if in this area, the table indicating Dr David G. Williams protocol, would specifically mention the number of drops in total/day. In this way, any misunderstanding will be eliminated.

Thanks in advance for updating this table.

2010-06-15 11:53:03
Hello from New Zealand. Is your FG H202 non stabilised please? Also in your article I think you may have made a mistake when you say William Campbell recommended no more than 10 drops of 3% 3 times a day...surely going on the rest of the paragraph that should have read 35%? I think that God has ma de this site possible. God Bless
2010-06-15 12:06:39
No, that comment of mine wasn't quite right either was it... could you please clarify the paragraph for me. Also...I know it is recommended to dilute ONLY with distilled water BUT here in NZ distilled water as used in pharmacies is VERY expensive at $NZ12.00 for two litres so using 24 ounces a day is going to be very costly. Any suggestions? At the moment I am using non chlorinated tap water that has been put through a WATERS MINERAL POT. Does this negate the efficacy of the H202? At present I am obtaining my FGH202 from a person in NZ who imports it from an intermediary in the States. It is FG and made in Korea but my seller doesn't know if it is non=stabilised. Just that it is FG. How much would it cost to import a container from you or is the same H202 as you supply available from nearer to NZ?
2010-07-22 08:21:18
I bought my h2o2 from e-bay almost teh same cover with the photo above. I will try them 3 days from now. I have a hepa B diagnosis. I am afraid I might have aliver cancer soon like my father had. I'll get back to you after taking it. I already have the book entitled one minute cure. The prescriptions was there. I'll just follow the pre-cautions seriously I know it will cause me damage if I miss. Wait for my next post. I will tell you the result.
2010-07-22 08:33:38
What would I do now. It says that copper should not be taken or must not have any copper elements in the body when we take H2O2 35% Food Grade.
2010-08-14 20:10:38
I want to be cautious. Are you telling us not to have any suppiments ( such as vit C )in our stomach only, or in the entire body, which would mean not taking my vit C ever again.
2010-10-20 18:15:43
What's your opinion on taking diluted H2O2 for pregnant women?
2011-01-25 07:15:55
Warm greetings!Is the protocol (up to 25 drops) can be used to anyone even if they don't have chronic disease? I am very interested to take it too. Please advise. Many thanks. Best regards
2011-01-30 12:32:09
Still on the type of water to be used with HP 35. There is not distilled water in Italy like in France. We can only have De-mineralized Water which has no mineral but does not ensuru bacterial Purity. Until I can get this resolved I'm really stuck. Please advise.
2011-02-03 15:21:01
The only recommended water to use is DISTILLED. De-mineralised is not favourable. The whole essence of the peroxide program is to gain benefit from the extra oxygen molecule and anything other than distilled water will intefere with it.
2011-04-12 22:47:34
Have any of you received benefits from the hydrogen peroxide use? I thought of taking as
preventive. Would 3 drops 3 times a day,35% H2o2 be okay for this as maintenance? Can't you make your own distilled water by boiling it?
Ruth Gandy
2011-09-08 20:36:54
I have been using this for bout 3 wks feel ok, my husband has lupus (SLE) and since taking this 3 wks ago has not had a bad day. he could hardly walk before but now is getting stronger, we have seen a vast improvement in him. he was on iron but stoped to do this, he use to sleep daily now he does not, he is even planning on working again. Maybe a coincidence, I think not!!! h had an abcess removed from under his arm which was huge, he ended up with blood poisoning, this is healing well now after surgery. he is on 25 drops three times a day with distiled water from this site, lupus is a disease that affects the immune system and I can't believe how well he looks, so thank god for this. He is still on painkillers but compared to how he was (a cripple) he has a new lease of life!!
2011-09-20 14:38:06
I am from Malaysia and I need your 35%food grade h2o2. Please tell me if you can ship it over to Malaysia and how much would it cost?
Nynke fr. Netherlands
2011-09-21 12:44:56
Can somebody tell me what the protocol for usage of 3% FGHP instead of 35%. I don't want to make a mistake diluting it in the wrong water etc. But I cannot find any protocol for taking FGHP 3% internally. Thanks.
2011-10-18 14:29:19
I have been informed that the programme recommend using 35% H2O2. If using 3% H2O2, then for every drop of 35% that is recommended,you must use 12 drops of 3%.
2011-11-18 14:21:27

I tried taking h202 3% food grade with some reccomendations off another site. However, this site said juice was okay. So for the last two days I have been taking the h202 3% with juice with vitamin c and ascorbic acid. I have also been taking I think too much. 1 oz of 3% food grade in a 12oz of water or juice for 3 days and then I moved to 2 oz in the same thing 12 oz of of water or juice. The water was bottled not tap water. I have taken it for a total of 5 days. The first 3 days with water and the last two with juice with vitamin c ascorbic acid. I have started have really bad heartburn which I don't usually have. I am feeling a little scared now having read how bad the vitamin c is with h202. I am thinking I should stop for a while. Any I know recommendations are not allowed. Thanks
2011-12-19 23:03:49
i only have 3% food grade h2o2 and was wandering what would be safe yet beneficial daily internal intake.
i usually take 15-20 drops with water on empty stomach, is that ok?
i would appreciate advice on the matter.
2011-12-29 15:10:19
I have a family friend who was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. She has tried the traditional approach (medicine, chemo etc.) but it has only gotten worse, it has now moved to the bones. She is considering trying hydrogen peroxide but, in her condition, she can't do it without the supervision of a professional and we can't find anyone. Do you have anyone to recommend in Europe? I read about Dr. William Campbell Douglass but, we live in Greece and it would be very difficult for her to make a cross-Atlantic journey.
Thank you for your time.
2012-02-13 08:36:29
received my 3% food grade h202 today. I have just read the internal usage guidelines and noticed vitamin C and silver in the list of things that turn the h202 into free radicals. I have been taking colloidal silver recently but stopped taking the vitamin c in prep for the h202 therapy. Will the colloidal silver cause any problems with the h202, and if long must I abstain and wait before beginning to take the h202 safely?

thanks in advance
Bruno Troccoli
2012-02-27 08:18:21
Dear Costumer Representative
I have at my house 6 bottles of H2O2 35% food grade Hydrogen peroxide. I can not stand the the bleach's tast of this product. So I wonder if I could take a bath with potable water in a bath tube and if it would work for me this way. So I would proportionally diluete 25 drops to 8 ounces of water to the capacity of the bath tube with O am not sure yet, I will do the calculation.. Would this works for me? Thank so much for your love and care. Sincerelly yours.
Bruno Troccoli
Tina Charles
2012-03-07 16:24:33
I just wanted to know if 35% hydrogen peroxide is 700 times more concentrated than the amount that is considered safe, how come 35% of three drops is safe in 150ml water? Thank You
Geoffrey Wooster
2012-03-14 11:29:54
According to CanaStats there are approximately 19 drops per ml. (Somewhat dependant on the dropper size, concentration of the solution and temperature.) Three drops = 3/19 ml. 0.158*0.35/150 = 0.00037ml H202 per ml.
0.35/700 = 0.0005 which is a stronger solution.
2012-04-01 11:27:46
you suggest to start the programme using 5 ounces (150ml) of distilled water. As you increase the amount of drops increase the amount of water, how do i calculate increase of water?
thanks in advance
2012-04-01 12:27:51
you suggest to start the programme using 5 ounces (150ml) of distilled water. As you increase the amount of drops increase the amount of water, how do i calculate increase of water?
thanks in advance
2012-04-08 20:51:27
Hi I want to no if it is save to drink oxteril hydrogen-peroxide, if so what is the using drops in water ,thanx to let me no.
2012-04-17 21:40:37
my uncle has stage 4 cancer of the gullet, he is taking all the medicines below; can he take hydrogen peroxide?

Feroglobin Iron Liquid, Peptac Liquid, Oramorph, Cyclizine, salbutamol, Latculose, Paracetomol, Aspirin, Senna, Valsartan, Lansoprazole, Insulin,

2012-05-10 15:21:21
I would like to know if you do ship your products to South Africa, if yes how much it will cost for one bottle of 500ml,
second question can this therapy ingested by pregnant woman?
Thanks for advance.
gabi suchman
2012-05-10 20:08:59
i just both two botells at your shop, send it to a friend in London, who is comming to visit to Czech rep. and apparently he cannot bring it on the plane and Post does not take it as it wright?
2012-05-13 01:08:13
SOME ONE THAT HAS CURED CANCER WITH 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I'M ready to start. what are your experiences I should know. Lloyd
2012-05-19 08:20:38
Mixed 355 food grade for my daughter visiting to help with cough and throat irritation. After she left I drank from the unmarked cotainer thinking it was water. DUMB!!!!
Got very sweaty and for two days now my stomach has had lots of problems...I mixed about 2 1/2 oz in a 12 oz water bottle
2012-05-23 08:32:48
good products, but very confusing booklet supplied with product. The webpage has more info and makes things clear.
Alan Terry
2012-05-26 00:26:04
Having just purchased 8% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I was wondering what ratio was needed to make this safe for ingestion as I have to admit I really want to give this a try but am nervous about getting the mix wrong. Thank you for your help.
2012-06-16 00:33:01
I started at 20 drops because I think 1 ML equaled 1 drop (LOL) I never went passed it though. I quickly learned about it afterwards by looking it up. The first time I used H2O2, I diluted it to 0.05% or 5ml per liter. My experience was almost psychedelic. My room got brighter, my breathing slowed, it was interesting, I had hemispheric dissonance, (problems slowing my speaking mentally with my listening, 1 hemisphere speaks to the other thus resonance) or lack of harmony I should say. At the same time I was taking 6 tbsps of hemp oil every day. Which has 10mg vitamin E so about 60 mg a day. The oxygen went right to my head. IT was pretty cool. My allergies to hayfever instantly stopped, my eyesight improved, my life has changed forever. I thank you Dr Douglass Campbell Williams. It removed my anxiety and increased my performance and IQ. It is a colaboration of Hemp Oil and H2O2, the vitamin E in hemp oil increases its effiecacy. My memory is amazing now. Please also avoid drinking fluoride in your water. It causes many problems, 50% of the fluoride you drink stays in your bones. IT NEVER LEAVES YOUR BODY. Please invest in distilled water with ozone which is what I drink. So I can a lot of oxygen anions inside of my body. BTW hemp oil has something called CBD in it, otherwise known as the anti-marijuana. It prevents THC which is the main psychoactive ingredient from staying within the bloodbrain barrier. CBD stays in your fat much like THC which is how urine tests on American children on conducted. Hemp oil has a small amount of THC about 0.5% but 50% CBD. CBD is an anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic cannibinoid. I used to use prozac for depression but since I started using hemp oil, I have been blessed. Even if I miss a dose, when I burn fat, I get CBD into my bloodbrain barrier and it prevents me from feeling any sort of depression symptoms.

Last morning my experience: I woke up my window was open my eyes were very red and I was sneezing like crazy, I was perceiving my hayfever allergen. I went into my washroom grabbed my cup of distilled water and H2O2. I started at 20-30 drops since I was drinking them at ML instead of drops. I had only found this website later. I plan to continue my efforts since they have benefited me so much. I believe if I go higher there may be some detriment but I will research on which enzymes process this anion and I will continue to learn about it. Think about this, fluoride is a free radical, so is oxygen in hydrogen peroxide. Much like ozone. We are told that free radicals are bad. That is simply not the case. Oxygen is amazing for us because we use it during aerobic respiration and it destroys bacteria thus enhancing our immune system to allow it to fight other disease. H2O2 Cures cancer and prevents all illness in the body. If you are intelligent you should use this for the rest of your life to assist your immune system. Why should you let your comrade fight alone?
2012-06-16 00:33:43
**Thought** not think first sentence, I wish you guys had edit.
2012-06-16 00:44:37
Another tip, try this, since oxygen helps you this much, consume sugar, 5 minutes after you stop consuming, you will notice, you get sleepy. Well whats actually happening is the bacteria in your body is stronger, that crash you feel is not actually a crash, its melatonin being secreted by the pineal gland. It means your body is fighting infection. The sugar rush is bacteria getting stronger. Bacteria uses sugar to thrive. If you have cancer stop sugar instantly. Cancer is a micro-organism that prevents your mitochondria from killing the cell which is known as apoptosis. Effectively you are fighting yourself. When you consume H2O2 you stop this micro-organism by killing it with the oxygen anions and it thus allows the cell to commit suicide. Deleting the cancer. Your body is a machine nothing more. Process what must be processed and nothing but that. If you consume sugar you are wasting your bodies time and are effectively killing the only team-mate that you have in life. Your body is your best friend like a soldier on a battlefield. Bacteria is a constant struggle. And if you truly don't believe this the second you start using H2O2 it will make sense. Stop using it for a day and you will see drink a coke, your body will reject it, you will get sleepy, fatigued, you just made your enemy stronger.

Yours truly,
2012-06-21 08:50:08
I have had diabetes for 50 yrs. I am experiencing burning pains all over my body, probably the sugar in my system. What effect will I experience and will my eyesight get back to where it used to be. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
2012-06-24 12:28:53
If anything it will aid probably aid your immune system in fighting against normal disease, allowing your body to take some stress of it so it can focus more so on your diabetes. I'm not a doctor but its possible it can aid your body by killing any extra bacteria or fungi, micro-organisms in your blood and body. My mom uses 3% H2O2 97% distilled water foot-soak to help her with her terrible Arthritis which she had surgery for. She does this 3 times a day for 15 minutes.
Medo chucha
2012-06-30 10:59:00
Thanks to Bobbyhealth,I got my h2o2 within 15 days in India,the shipping was fast and I got my parcel in good quality,I recommend any one wishing to have food grade h2o2 to buy from this site.Hope you keep up with the good work.Regarding the effect of taking internally I will try to post the result later as I am just beginning to start my program.
2012-07-06 21:02:33
I have had an operation for glaucoma ie. my lens was removed and plastic ones inserted in my eyes, would it be safe for me to take hydrogen peroxide internally. Thank you.
2012-07-20 13:45:43
Has anyone used HP on eradicating H-pylori. I have been on antibiotics several times and always feel worse afterwards. I have tried a cleansing tea with no success. If anyone has any information would be glad to hear it.
2012-08-28 00:25:58
The higher the dose of H202 the nastier the taste. can it be mixed with something other than elovera juice?
2012-09-05 13:41:38
I had a kidney removed due to a nonmalignant tumor 12 years ago. I bought your product but wander now if it is safe for me.
2012-09-15 21:28:11
I hope that Dai who lives/lived in Ukraine will read this and reply as soon as possible. I am returning to live in Ukraine in three short weeks and will very shortly be ordering some 35% to be delivered to us in Ukraine. I would like to know your experiences with Ukrainian Customs and this item and how you got round the situation. Do you still get the 35% sent to Ukraine and do you still have difficulties with UKR Customs. We are nor going to Ukr for the first time and understand the intricacies involved. An urgent reply would be very much appreciated by Dai or any other person having personal knowledge of this matter. Many thanks
2012-09-15 21:38:59
This is for Pauline...yes, that can happen and what I have done in the past is to put a very little FRESHLY made juice into your glass..just enough to disguise the ugh! taste.Or, perhaps, to stay for an extra day or two on the highest number of drops wheree you didn't feel...ugh!
2012-09-15 22:05:08
Ths is for Meya. Meya, I have just had a spell in hospital where I had enough antibiotic to float a battleship and it left me feeling wiped out. It is my opinion that so-called medics stuff you full of antibiotics when they have absolutely no idea of how they should be helping you. Almost overdose you on ab s and hope like hell that they get a positive result.I could regale you with other equally foolish ideas they tried to lay on me ( 3 more different kinds of drug s they were peddling. I flushed the prescription ( after researching the drugs on the internet ..all were totally inappropriate for me.. it proved to be purely speculative and guess work on their part) where it belonged..down the toilet and feel I am well on the recovery road . Sorry, I deviated from answering your question...YES...I have been taking LIVE , raw, ORGANIC yogurt from a registered farm here in NZ . I feel so blessed as the farm is only six miles from our house.
2012-09-15 22:12:15
Sorry, Meya..I forgot to add another superlative recovery and maintenance aid...FLORADIX formula from is chock full of essential ingredients to aid recovery and absolutely YUMMY as well as being an absolutely essential every day immune booster.
2012-09-16 20:44:53
I can use 3% hydrogen peroxide for internal use?? And few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide per liter of water?
Thank you very much.
2012-09-18 12:20:22
How many days will it take for you to ship this product to India and any customs problems.
halıl ozbayrak
2012-09-25 17:14:36
I have MND=ALS Dısease
Do you have any ınfo.about the usıng f.g.h2o2 wıth ıt?
If so whıch protocol should be handled
Thank you very much
i\'m riot
2012-10-07 05:19:35
Okay so my question is this. How do I safely get the drops from the bottle to the distilled water? If you advocate 35% FGHP droplets then I must take them directly from the source. What methods should I use? I suppose I should get a Pyrex dropper?
2012-10-15 18:30:54
I can only find 29% food grade, is that ok? Also i am doing 2 days on the same drops then move up another drop is that ok or is it better to add 1 drop a day for the 16 days?
2012-10-16 20:05:43
i have been using 17.5% grade peroxy that i got from Dr. Clarks Store for the p[ast many was recommended to take once a day in the morning (work up to 40 drops per day)by my chiropractor.What is the difference in your recommendation of gradual build up to 3 times per day to once a day as my doctor recommended
2012-10-17 16:56:21
I can only find 29% food grade, is that ok? Also i am doing 2 days on the same drops then move up another drop is that ok or is it better to add 1 drop a day for the 16 days?
2012-10-23 04:25:38
what is not being said here is 35% h202 is very reactive and will burn the skin upon contact. treat it will grreat care. a common dilution formula for 35% is 1 part 35% to 11 parts distilled water. this will result in 3.5% h2o2 with i use as a dosage drop amount
wise osaghae
2013-07-29 17:36:41
how to dilute 35% food grade H202 before intravenous use.please reply now if possible.thank you
2012-10-29 23:30:46
I can only get 8% food grade HP. I am unable to do the math.. instead of Day Number 1 being 3 drops 3x each day, how many drops should I start with using 8% HP?

2012-11-04 20:46:35
on your website u incorrectly state..."....Douglass suggests anyone who wishes to take hydrogen peroxide internally should never exceed the recommended dose of 10 drops of undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide three times per day (this is more than the doses recommended by Dr Williams)...." . Dr Douglass dosage is LESS than Williams dosage, not more!
2012-11-29 14:13:51
Hello all. Yesterday morning I took 5 drops of 35% food grade HP in an 8oz glass of distilled water. I've felt horrible ever since. Upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue. Why? I thought that after a few hours it would pass. It's now 24 hours and I'm still feeling like crap.
Loretta W.
2012-12-04 01:16:45
JohnB - I've used several natural cure protocols in the past. Each of them stated that your symptoms might get worse, similar to the flu. This just means that it is working. If it is intolerable, you should cut the dose in half (or possible 3 drops) until your body can adjust to the healing process. I am not a doctor, but I speak from experience. I hope this works. To your devine health.
Loretta W.
Ruth Eisenberg
2012-12-05 14:37:09
I have purchased a 35% food grade H2O2 solution. My husband means, that it is ok to dilute the drops in regular tap water instead of distilled water, if I mix it immediately before I drink it. Is that right? Or will it waste the extra oxygen anyway? We live in Denmark.
Thank you for a very quick expedition of the purchase.
2012-12-08 23:50:32
Ruth...distilled water only because if you use tap water it might contain minerals that affect the properties of H2O2. I dont know if you can mix it, then drink later...dont know. If u have to mix it beforehand, then put it in a container that you can put a cap or cover on it, so no oxygen escapes. started out with too high a dosage. Try one drop in 8 oz distilled water for a day or two. then go to 2 drops and so on, build up slowly, drop back dosage if upset occurs.
Magdalena Cavazos
2012-12-13 17:17:44
I have a 15 year old girl with brain cancer , she is taking quimotherapy, can I give the product to her?
2012-12-16 18:51:54
I have been recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, will taking hydrogen peroxide help. Is so, what would you recomend as a dosage. ie - 10 drops of 3% per day. thanks
2013-01-15 02:44:31
I've read several questions about taking supplements and how you shouldn't while on this therapy but many questions have not been answered:
1) Can you take it with juice that is iron enriched, has vit c ascorbic acid?
2) Do you have to avoid certain foods that are high in iron?
3) will my iron level go down if I stop taking it to try this therapy? When I went off of the iron last time I started losing my hair very fast! I don't want that to happen again.
4) what about taking medications like wellbutrin & fluoxotine???

My husband has had bladder cancer removed twice now and had no radiation but they gave him a chemo shot right after the surgery. He's recovering from the 2nd surgery now and just started this therapy. We didn't know he couldn't take it with tap water and he was for 3 days now - he started getting white crusty patches on his hands within 20 mins of taking it - is this because of the therapy itself or because he took it with tap water? What kind of juice can he take it with.

Last question that I didn't see get answered yet; can you not make your own distilled water by boiling tap water?

Please reply with any answers to my email address provided.
fred ingram
2013-01-17 17:03:43
the questions raised by all your customers on this sight are of interest to most if not all users . It would be most helpful to be able to read your repies to their questions. Could you do this please. I am still trying to find out how much 35 H2H2 i MUST PUT IN THE FACIAL SAUNA? Have not found the answer anywhere on your site yet. Can you please advise me Thanks Fred
2013-02-09 00:48:53
Hello. Are the Vitamin E and the Probiotics supposed to be taken during the protocol or after? What quantity is needed? Many thanks
Amanda van der Merwe
2013-02-19 08:08:44
I have ben taking H202 for a few months and swallowing VitaminC ,folic acid,,flax seed capsules and a multi vitamin all at the same time.I have contracted hepatits A and am weak and nauseous, ithcy and with joint and shooting pains in my body. Should I stop the H202? Thank you. Amanda
2013-03-04 07:56:55
Please I will like to know if ingestimg h202 can clear keloids?
2013-03-11 23:05:09
Just letting you know that I received my bottle of 35% food grade. Thanks for a Very quick delivery from the otherside of the world.

Regards Anneke van wyk (Australia)
2013-03-19 05:12:09
I am looking for H2O2. I am getting 50% H2O2 or 30% H2O2 LR Grade. Can I use that instead of 35% Food Grade H2O2.
Please Please reply immediately.
2013-03-22 17:19:02
Dear All,

can some help me and clarify once for all about right dosage for internal use.I buy from this website 35% food grade HP and have destiled water.Question is did I need to dilute first 35 % with destiled water in proportion 1:11 drops and in this way to have it in 3% HP,and only after it to put 3 drops of such 3 % in glass of destiled water?Or I can put 3 drops of 35% HP in glass of destiled water and drink it?

Please clarify for me what is right option of this two as in book One Minute cure it says 3 drops of 35 % the same say table abouve on this website,but it is clear that missunderstanding is present in public.

Thank you in advance.

Merril Benner
2013-03-24 12:20:41
I would like to have a list of ailments that hydrogen peroxide can be used for and how to use?
2013-04-05 09:56:45
Is it safe to consume liquor while I'm on this programme? Or do I have to completely quit taking liquor during the programme? Thanks a lot.
2013-04-20 02:10:29
I heard it can cure herpes is that true
2013-05-05 10:34:46
Gold Cross Hydrogen Peroxide available from Pharmacists is laced with Phenacetin they use this as an stabilising agent or chemical.
Phenacetin was commonly used as an analgesic in oral and other uses like Vics cough drops and medication until it was taken off the market for such use.No warning on the bottles and no details printed on the labels?
The reason: Phenacetin is a GRADE ONE Cancer causing agent Intestine cancers (more likely other cancers as well)and can cause renal failure (Kidney failure) if taken in large doses. The company that makes this has advised me they use Phenacetin after I have asked some questions about the product as it was not bubbling up and as H2O2 is not stable for a long time without an stabiliser it reverts back to H2O after 8 to 10 hours.
Although the TGA stated it was only a small amount of 0.80 to 0.1 % and when mixed with water (Three parts to one) it was considered a safe acceptable level the question I asked them in return is how many safe acceptable levels of carcinogens are we exposed to on a daily basis from various products? NO RESPONSE for this question. Cancer has increased by a stated 500% in the past 100 years and recent studies have warned that it is expected to increase by a further 72% by 2020. Accurate figure prediction not approximate?
This is used by people for mouth wash and wound treatment and some use small amounts for cancer treatment. The Big Melbourne Pharmacy would know this and as it was not revealed on the bottle as an ingredient it is likely that they are doing this with a purpose. Placing a Grade 1 (similar to asbestos) Cancer causing chemical that has been banned, into H2O2 retailed in Pharmacies. Makes one wonder if they produce Chemotherapy drugs?
Conspiracy theories become less conspiracy and more fact when we look into the history of some pharmacy and chemical companies blunders and we have to wonder if the blunders were not purposefully created.
Population control and financial gain agendas become more clearly defined.
Concerning isn't it?
2013-05-07 04:36:41
I am also concerned about the vitamin C issues and feeling a little miffed with my provider. He encouraged me to follow Dr Williams protocol and didn't say anything about discontinuing vitamin C, which he prescribed for me. Scary! I'm glad i saw this. I'm also on a multivitamin that contains iron and manganese. how long do i have to discontinue before i try hdrogen peroxide? day?hours? Also, how do you know if there's any fat left in the stomach? I have fat malabsorption issues. i was really looking forward to trying this as I am desperate in pain, but don't want to give up the multi vitamin if i don't have to. I need it as well. thank you for your time.
2013-05-07 19:40:16
Never take hydrogen peroxide with food in your stomach. For most people this means an hour and a half either side of food. However if you feel a little nauseous after taking the H2O2 it could be because you haven't left it long enough. Vitamin C, iron and fats in the stomach change hydrogen peroxide into super-oxide free radicals . This can severely damage the lining of your stomach . The same is true of iron, copper, silver or manganese so if you are supplementing these minerals DO NOT TAKE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE INTERNALLY.
2013-05-07 19:41:29
i agree with dave
Veronica Apolinario
2013-05-08 13:24:18
I am a big believer of this product but unfortunately it is not for everyone. I've been following the protocol rules to the tee and never felt so horrible.
I tried to suck it up to continue the protocol believing that this is perhaps signs that it's healing as they say on the site but I also believe in listening to your body and when enough is enough.

When it comes to the point that my body goes through stress before taking my glass of H2O2, arm shaking, heart pumping abnormally quick, and feel that i'm about to vomit before gulping the glass of water with H2O2 down, imagine how i feel when i drink it and that disgusting feeling last at least an entire hour until you eat.

I know they say nausea can be one of the side effects and that it is temporary, but i'be been feeling like this for 2 weeks.

I have contacted the web site several times for help and advice but they never got back to me on this and felt alone and worried for some time so i just decided to stop to the entire procedure and will NEVER go through this again.

2013-05-08 21:01:39
To get rid of the foul taste, immediately chew on some parsley after swallowing, or suck Marmite Twigles. Dont swallow. The nasty taste doesn't get a chance to kick in.
2013-06-03 16:18:19
I have never used hydrogen peroxide before so just want some general pointers of using it correctly. Both my partner and I suffer with Cold Sores which are unsightly when they break out. Through recent research I read that taking this substance orally can cure it which obviously very skeptical about.
I want to clarify a few pointers; day 1-3, 3 drops per day, does this mean all 3 drops in 6 to 8 ounces of juice, milk or distilled water or does it mean the 3 drops individually in 6-8 ounces of water and so on?
Also I take various supplements such as Llysine, Glo cousamine sulphate, vitamin C, Olive Oil capsules - should I stop taking all of these and if so how long should I wait for them to clear out of my system.
My last question how long should I do this protocol for? Do you have a break for so many months then restart.
Can it be used if on regular medication or even if you had a headache and took Iburofen or paracetmol is it safe to take them still?
2013-06-07 04:28:48
How do you consume 3% Hydrogen Peroxide?
Aliaa Husain
2013-06-17 17:47:17
My Hydrogen Peroxide bottle is written over it 10% so what is the right dose? and is it necessary to be distilled water?! May I use a regular mineral water for example!
2013-06-19 18:42:04
I have a relative diagnosed with COPD will 35 percent H2O2 dosage by the chart above help with remedying COPD? I really would like to help this relative get healthy if it is not too late.
2013-07-12 15:12:47
Was wondering how long I have too be off mineral supplements befor I can take this , also iam on revlimid for treatment of blood cancer am I able to take this ?
2013-07-14 01:14:24
hi i got into this programme via a lady called lynne gordon who helped me enormously with my endless questions. she is based in usa and goes under the heading of oxygen threapy programme. sje will charge an intial 10 dollars but thats once a year. When I first started this protocol I emailed hr many times a day. I have been on it a year. my Oxygen level is 97% (I measure it weekly) which I am pleased about. I only dose daily. more was too much for me as I needed to eat. I use 1:11 for mouth washes (swirl round mouth and spit out). every morning or nearly I drink 15oz of distilled water with 15 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide. I built up to this from 5 drops adding each till I got to 15. AS the website here says it HAS TO BE DISTILLED WATER.
Angelee Marino
2013-07-14 22:59:18
I just purchased food grade 3%. Can I ingest this and if so what is the recommended dosage....per day and per glass. What is the proper glass size and the proper dosage size?
How long can one ingest this?
2013-07-16 18:02:47
I have thyoride and I am very fat(70kilos above my weight. Can I use it? Can it help me to stop my bulimia? In your site you write that you can not use Vitamin C, iron and fats, copper, silver or manganese when you drink HP?
Can you please send me a list of food that I can eat it will help me to create my regime?
The 1000ml bottles is for how many days with the program that you write in your site?
Thank you
2013-07-27 20:41:05
My husband has terminal lung cancer and has had chemo three times. He now has a brain tumor and is have radiation, 10 treatments. Is it safe to take when getting chemo or radiation treatments???
2013-08-02 10:25:22
Barbara, Please start using Johanna Budwig Protocol Immediately. It Cures.
Go to: Cancer Tutor, healing cancer
2013-08-04 22:22:57
Hello, all. I just started the protocol and am on my second day. I am used to taking a multi-vitamin, zinc, lysine, and vitamin c for immune support. Should I not take any of these during anytime of the protocol?

Also, I had been taking Humicin and Shilajit which are Fulvic and Humic acid supplements which also help with immune support. Are these also out of the question when on the protocol?

One last question: I had a hernia repair surgery in December of last year. I'm not sure if a hernia repair is considered some kind of a transplant, since it is a mesh that is used to cover up the hole in the abdominal lining. Will this conflict with the strengthened immune system?
2013-08-12 10:03:09
For the benefit of others, here's my results.
Started the H2O2 protocol as described, am now at 23 drops. Mostly to see what it could do to my physical conditions. I had some stomach discomfort but nothing major.
I had been suffering from chronic sinusitis for years, nose always blocked. Lately discovered through cancertutor site that this is more likely a symptom of a deeper systemic problem, i.e. parasites in different organs of the body eg. the liver, stomach. Look into that site for more details.
My other condition was high BP, been taking Mukta Vati pills for quite a long time to keep it under control, as I did not want to use meds. Quite stable with these pills, around the 135/85 mark or so. Tried EDTA too with good but temporary results. I was still not satisfied.
Well lately with the H2O2 protocol i was feeling a little dizzy. I have a good BP machine and after testing it... wow, down to 125/76, good! After that i stopped taking my pills. I'm not strict with my diet, just avoid using salt and salty products as much as I can. Mostly vegetarian.
Forward to a week or so later, tested my BP... wow again... a record low of 113/70! Never been this low. Not bad at all. What i hope is that the result is permanent, even after the protocol is ended.
My sinus is much better. Not a perfectly clear nose but at least able to breath normally. I also made a solution of about 1% H2O2 to spray into my nostrils which helps a lot to immediately unblock the nose. Again, I hope this result is permanent.
I will keep monitoring, esp with the BP, just in case. I hope this has been of help and all the best with your treatment.

Sarah Wilcox
2013-08-21 22:30:11
I have heard it will cure herpes? is this true?
2013-09-02 09:46:43
Hello dear users of the Foodgrade H202 I need an urgent help with the information on how or the trusted source of the substance where i can buy it and it can be shipped to me in Nigeria. Can any one help with reliable contact please?
2013-09-02 11:30:59
To JB in Nigeria. You are at the very place to order H202. It is the very very best....I have been using it for years/Good luck
2013-09-02 11:40:38
Dai from Ukraine( I am too!) who wrrote a comment on here in 2011 July 4th ( 5th comment on the list. Please tell me about your contact with the UA customs ¬ Very many thanks.I have used H202 for years in NZ prior to moving to Ukraine.
2013-09-04 18:27:18
2013-09-08 18:29:00
2013-09-09 02:56:48
2013-09-09 15:35:37
@ AL MCCRUMB: Oh yes thanks so much. I think I can get Nasal Spray bottle here from Bobby shop. Right?
2013-09-09 20:53:27
@JB @Al McCrub sorry to be awkward but I have been told by my H2O2 teacher that 3% is too high for inhalation. I use 3% for an oral mouth rinse but only 1% for spray. Older people (ie in their 60s/70s) may use 3% because their tastebuds are weakend by that age.
2013-09-13 11:16:42
I have used the 35% h202 every way mentioned above and I would have the IV injections if I could afford it. I have diabetes, pancreatitis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other diagnosis and I no longer take any meds and am doing better. Go figure! I had lost feeling in my big toe for many years and now have complete feeling back. I was unaware of the iron interaction. Glad I read this. I'm going to try to stay on the protocol for 6 months. This is my 4 th time to do 30 days. When I go off I regress. Dd
2013-09-13 14:26:37
Well done Dd!!
2013-09-17 21:37:10
@ AL MCCRUMB: Oh yes thanks so much. I think I can get Nasal Spray bottle here from Bobby shop. Right?
2013-09-23 03:09:08
Hello all!! I would like to know if this treatment (taken orally) works for hsv2?? A lot of people are discussing taking this treatment, but I would like to know if this has actually worked to cure genital herpes. I'm aware the antibodies will remain in your body just like chickenpox, but has anyone actually taken it and no longer has outbreaks?? I really want to start a similar protocol, however I'm skeptical to injest it and it not work
2013-09-23 06:40:35
Hi,im Reny from Philippines im really interested your H202 product to distribute in the philippines,is possible to deliver it to philippines, me if u accept me as your sales force in the philippines,what agreement do we have,tnx.
Dave Swanberg
2013-09-23 19:44:05
How often can you do the cleanse per year?
2013-09-27 09:06:54
Hi from Brisbane , Australia
I'm taking blood pressure tablets which consist of
Telmisartan 80mg
Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 ( micardis plus )
Lercanidipine Hydrochloride tablets 10mg

Can I safely take the H2o2 as per protocol

Thanks much
2013-09-27 11:40:49
if one is not unwell / ill is it really necessary to do the entire stepping up protocol over several weeks? Or can it simply be used as prevention by going up to 10 drops once a week and continue with that?
Alternatively, a daily nasal spray of 3% could be much easier to apply (without the need to watch the timings for food intake), but is it still as effective?
One other question: does anybody know how long a bottle can be stored before the product goes off? A one litre bottle of H2O2 could be enough for more than a couple of years of oral maintenance treatment (and way longer for nasal spray treatment)!
Thank you.
2013-09-27 21:21:03
Terich - H2O2 lasts a long time. I have been using the same bottle for the past 9 months. nasal spray will take longer to have an effect. PLEASE DON T USE 3% IN NASAL SPRAYS EVERYONE (if you have seen the video of the guy on youtube doing so, hes in his 80s his nasal passage is more worn so he can do it). no more than 1% in a nasal spray.

Also Terich I was not unwell when I started I did the protocol but only every morning on an empty stomach so it took me a lot longer to get to maintanence dose.
2013-09-27 21:55:34
Thank you Eileen. Do you mean you did the protocol but only took one dose in the morning and, because of that, extended the overall time of increasing the strength (probably by 3, so, 42 days rather than 16 days)?
2013-09-27 21:57:12
Looking at it again, Eileen, did you ever reach 75 drops then (in one single dose??!)
2013-09-27 22:17:24
yes I only took one dose in the morning starting on 5 drops for 1st day, 6 drops second day till I got to about 20 drops (it was too 'bleachy' to go anymore). people do this 3 times a day till they reach a maintenance level BUT I did one dose every morning (currently I do 15 drops in 250 ml approx of distilled water). i don t have a maintenence level as I still dose to the above every day but if I had doesed 3 times a day I would be at maintance level. its up to you to how you can fit it in your day. I m always eating :) so never have an empty stomach.

i suggest you look at this site.
2013-09-27 22:18:28
sorry just read your quesion. NO I did nt ever do 75 in one single dose. thats too dangerous.
2013-09-27 22:27:15
Thank you Eileen. I find this really interesting, because I wonder why the concept works by going to a fairly high level and then dropping down to the maintenance level, rather than just going up to the maintenance level and keep it there.

I suspect it actually has got very little to do with "oxygen" but more with a degree of irritation that is caused by H202, which stimulates an certain immune-response (actually probably "positive" stress or stimulation). Once the body has experienced it to such a degree of the highest proposed dose, it "learns" it and will respond in the future with a similar activation (which means protection). In other words, it may work with the principle of a vaccination, but in a more universal or general way.
This would mean though, that, keeping the dose always relatively low may not be as effective.

Have you ever heard of the ("homoepathic") Mistletoe (Iscador) treatment for cancer? I believe it works with a very similar mechanism.
2013-09-27 23:06:18
i have read about this a lot and I think it has to do with oxygen. well its being fine for me my oxygen level is at 96-97%.
2013-09-27 23:39:48
Ah, hmm, if your oxygen level was less than 95% or so, you probably would feel it! Normal levels in anybody are near 100% practically all the time.
2013-09-28 00:26:14
im afraid we have to agree to disagree. im happy with the protocol i have been following for a year and what I have learnt and being taught. your opinion is obviously very different to mine so good luck in your endeavour.
2013-09-28 03:37:47
Please does this cure herpes can someone answer me thank you
2013-09-28 09:45:29
Thanks again Eileen, very helpful comments; I am very much a pragmatist in that sense that it does not really matter what exactly makes this work - as long as it works! It is good to have learned your approach to the concept, which is much more do-able for me as well than the "original" protocol. Will test it out shortly - just need to get the distilled water from the chemist, which seems more complicated than anticipated; perhaps I will need to make my own! ;-) Thanks again.
2013-09-29 19:44:36
What is the next step after completing the initial program?
2013-09-29 20:16:24
The information materials give the advice of taking something like 5-15 drops a week "depending on how you feel". It suggests that this means once a week. You could probably spread it over the week as well, although it may be less convenient that way (e.g. with the need to take it on an empty stomach and not eat afterwards for a period of time etc.)
2013-09-29 20:36:18
Three pieces of information, which may answer a number of frequent questions here:
1) 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide will not freeze unless the temperature is 33 degrees below zero, so, storing in a normal freezer is okay
2) when higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide come in contact with organic materials, it can accidentally form explosive mixtures (spontaneous combustion)
3) Because of the above, it does not sound like a good idea at all to take any - large - quantities onto a plane!!

2013-09-29 23:21:11
I take Vitamin C every morning, how long should I not take it before starting therapy?
Also, can I take Lysine while on the H2O2 therapy?
2013-09-30 07:59:39
My husband took the protocol over 6 weeks 1 year ago and has since been on a maintainance dose. He is relieved of a chronic prostate infection he suffered from periodically over 40 year!
2013-09-30 08:33:30
Terrich, a question for you please..what , in your opinion would be a minimum unsafe amount to take on a plane?
2013-09-30 08:54:42 answer for you.. H202 loses 10% of its efficacy each year even when stored under optimum in the freezer.

2013-09-30 12:49:30
If you go on holiday you would only need to take 20-50ml of H202 with you - this will last for weeks; I guess at that amount it is unlikely to be picked up by airport security
2013-10-01 14:34:29
2013-10-01 18:49:59
I would also like to know if it's OK to take L-Lysine while taking this therapy. I'm waiting on a response before I start it. ALSO, I take Vit C every morning, should I stop...? And if so, for how long should I stop before taking 35% H2O2?? THANK YOU!
2013-10-01 23:05:29
@Lily, @Michelle.

I found a lovely lady called lynne gordon

she helped me with my protocol. it costs 10 dollars a year and shes happy to answer all questions.

I take vitamins with mine BUT AFTER 4 hours of taking my does. don t take at the same time. there is a protocol to follow. I also take omega etc again 4 hours after dosing (I only dose once a day in the morning). Its dangerous to take at the same time (free radicals).

seriously its worth 10 dollars to have advice from lynne. shes amazing.
2013-10-02 00:34:09
Thank you so much Eileen.
2013-10-02 12:19:48
2013-10-03 00:51:06
Ok so.....maybe I'll try this again before moving to another site. Is there anyone that has used this treatment orally for hsv 2 (genital herpes) and been cured?? Everyone is skipping my question and answering all the other questions. This is very important for people such as myself and want to start the protocol. If anyone can let me know and whether or not you must continue the treatment throughout your lifetime or not, that would be highly appreciated. Thank you all so much.
2013-10-03 12:48:06
@newladi86: how about testing it out for yourself, would a single report from somebody else really make the essential difference for you? Strictly speaking a medical person would say that HSV2 is an intermittent/permanent problem because of the typical behaviour of the virus. However, if there are meant to have been "cures" of HIV infections with H2O2, then HSV2 would be peanuts to permanently cure, in comparison.

So, my suggestion: test it out, stay on H202 for at least a year or so, see if you have any HSV2 outbreaks, if not reduce or stop H202 and await what happens; if it works whilst you are taking it you can always restart it (and either take it continuously or when you feel it coming on). Good luck.
2013-10-03 12:50:04
Lots of similar questions regarding other supplements or vitamins etc. and H2O2. Simple answer for all of them: don't take any medications or supplements at the same time of the day as H202.
2013-10-03 12:54:14
2013-10-03 15:12:26
2013-10-03 16:50:55
i have been taking for a year and a half I have no qualifications on this subject at all , however I urge you to go to

its not my page its the lady who helped me. she can help you all. its 10 dollars a year to join the advice programme. money well spent..

@michelle yes you can drink bottled water throughout the day just leave it 30 mins or so after dosing. too much distilled water is not good or us either. As I said earlier up the thread the protocol is 3-4 hours after dosing to take vits etc then 3-4 hours after that to dose again. as we are supposed to dose on an empty stomach thats why I dose once a day.
2013-10-03 17:38:14
2013-10-03 18:05:33
Yes a strong one. Same time as vits etc.
2013-10-03 19:49:40
2013-10-04 13:17:25
2013-10-04 04:07:42
@Terich- Well first, thank you for responding. Now to answer your question regarding the necessity of knowing whether this protocol works or doesn't for hsv2. I definitely would feel more comfortable knowing whether a product has worked for people with the same issue that I have, rather than trying a bunch of products that could potentially harm me in the long run. I do understand that everyone's body is different, so one product may work for one person but not another. HOWEVER....if no one has become at the very least symptom free,(I don't like saying cured since the antibodies remain in your body as do chickenpox) I wouldn't invest my time, nor money on it. That is just my preference though. I'm sure there are people who try every product possible because they are desperate to be,"cured", but I don't plan on doing that. I initially wanted to try this, but out of all the comments I've read, I didn't see anyone say it works. My question was two parts. I also see a lot of people saying they have taken it for a yr and more. Again, that isn't a,"cure". If I have to drink it forever, I prefer not to try it. There are lots of vitamins/supplements that can be taken daily as well that are FDA approved that can suppress. So to sum up my response, YES!! To me I will try what works. :-). Still no says it does though so I'll move on. Best wishes for you!!
2013-10-07 14:01:17
2013-10-15 00:41:59
HI, I have just order food grade hydrogen peroxide for oral use. Kan I safely give it to my dog after the same protokol,and must he not eat an hour before and 2 hours after? Can I give it to him in his normal drinking water. He gets prednisolon now is it okay to give him that at the same time.
2013-10-15 07:40:59
Hello to Michelle. I is not pos
sible for this site to answer questions as this could be deemed to be medical advice so it relies on fellow users to answer according to their own personal experiences and condition which will probably not be ex actly the same as yours. You man' s meat is another man's poison. I would hav e thought that chewing gum would be the LAST thing you would want to put in your mouth when giving yourself such pure treatment. Chewing gum is nothing but synthetic rubbish. I f you are on the path to improving your health far better to squeeze or juice aa little orange to mask the H202 if taste is a problem No store bought juice
2013-10-16 17:07:35
Just wondering how much the drops of 3% (diluted from food grade) h2o2 should be diluted into when ingesting? Is 3 oz of distilled water enough, especially when reaching the 25 drop level or is it necessary to go higher?
2013-10-16 19:24:17
It is clearly explained why *not* to use 3% H2O2 - ever - for ingestion.
2013-10-17 16:56:15
Anybody with expriences with H202 to pets, Please??
2013-10-17 18:33:54
2013-10-18 05:39:00
2013-10-18 05:49:14
Yes, it is mentioned that on the first day, the 3 drops of 3% should be mixed with 5 ounces of distilled water, then increase the amount of water with each day. But what they don't mention is increase by how much. So when we get to the 25 drops level, how much distilled water are we mixing at that point?
2013-10-18 05:49:19
Annette ... OF COURSE you can give H202 to you animals; Just type in your computer..Can pets take J
2013-10-19 14:43:50
Jackie ...... Thank you so much for your answer. I've seen protools for a certain amount of H202 3% in a certain amount of water. I was looking for a protokol as to humans. A certain amount of drops in a certain amount of destilled water given three times a day. Easier to administer i think.... kind regards A
2013-10-19 17:26:57
The "One Minute Cure" book tells you how to dilute 35% Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) for human consumption.

I took HP, SerraEnzyme, and Green Clay; and got rid of my cysts and my hyperthyroid is now normal.
2013-10-21 07:16:26
Can't get a answer does this product cure herpes please
Bobbys Health Shop
2013-10-21 13:17:51

Please refrain from posting here about cannabis oil. We have watched the documentaries from Rick Simpson and others on youtube, but please do not publish it here.

Kind Regards

The Team
2013-10-22 20:36:31
For the members asking about distilled water, just go on Ebay and buy a water distiller machine. In UK they are about £174 but what a good investment, you only then need to buy 'crystals' to clean it and charcoal filters, which can be a little expensive. Hope this helps
2013-10-23 03:49:14
Yes Rosemary....but way beyond many of us. I bought a brand new one in New Zealand th at was a most excellent invest and which delivered everything it promised. but I sold it on moving to Eastern Europe as it was just too heavy to bring. Needless to say I have regretted it as I cannot now afford one.of that quality. It took care of radiation also which would have been so useful as I live 100 kownstream from Chernobyl. We buy all or drinking water.
2013-10-23 03:51:59 I live 100kms downstream from Chernobyl and we buy all our drinking and cooking water
2013-10-23 12:25:07
2013-10-23 12:33:01
2013-10-23 12:34:06
Michelle.......???????!!!!!!!an explanation would be interesting
2013-10-23 12:38:08
2013-10-23 13:32:49
Hi folks I have been out of touch witj H202 for over a year so I have had some re-education to do. Just type into your computer...educate- yourself and click on Hydrogrgen peroxide and there you will find a VERY comprehensive article by David Williams. This will tell you everything you need to know including to put your 35%drops into between 5 an 8ounces of distilled water/ real fruit juice .
2013-10-28 12:40:13
Can somebody help me out. I'm at 22 drops day 13 and I just wanna stop....can I do that? Just stop taking it without something bad happening?
2013-10-28 20:36:51
hello !

someone tell me if it is safe if to take h2o2 ,i have diabetes and hypertention ,do it is safe to patient with diabetes and hypertention _?
2013-10-29 06:22:53
Vanessa...I do not know why you want to give up BUT you havee only two or three days to've come this far don't give up! Seriously if you refer back to the protocols at the top of this page it is recommendedd to FINISH the course and then to reduce according to the recommended rate, but not to finish suddenly. If you are having trouble with taste just add a little fruit juice to the water (NOT bottled juice). Keep on keeping on and you will surely triumph!
2013-10-29 14:08:27
Thanks for the respond Jackie. I did what you said and now I feel like I can finisch it. It was the made me nauseous just thinking about.
2013-10-30 05:11:06
Hi Vanessa, Thank you so much for your is very encouraging to.know when efforts are appreciated. After the first stage is finished the protocols to follow are readily overcome and you WILL be and feel TRIUMPHANT!!. I often think it would be interesting to know where other participants live...the world is a big place! I live in Ukraine, Eastern Europe Kind regards Jackie
2013-10-30 13:51:39
What if I just have 3-5 drops in the morning, every morning. With my job and my lifestyle it is very difficult to follow the "3 times a day on an empty stomach" Will I see any benefits from just doing the one small dose in the morning? Any help would be appreciated.

2013-10-30 14:02:03
hi...i'm wondering the same thing as lillybeth, but with 22 drops twice a day?
2013-10-30 18:52:28
i should be more clear...i'm almost finished the protocol but i have been taking only 2 doses of the required amount since 14 anyone know if this will still work ok? i'm hoping the only consequence will be that it will take a little longer to work the way it should...ANY ADVISE OUT THERE?
2013-10-30 20:35:33
Hi Michelle,
this is, unfortunately, impossible to answer, because it is probably difficult to exactly measure any of your desired outcomes, or your progress towards them. So, the pragmatic answer is: it is unlikely that you have done any harm, possibly / probably some good...just keep on going if you feel you want or need to! If there are any "objective" measurements for your reason why you started this, then your medical system may be able to assist you (blood tests etc.).
I have been thinking since I heard about this concept, why one really has to go up to such a fairly high (and awful tasting) dose at all rather than doing "maintenance" from almost the start. Nobody will be able to give you a precise answer to this...
2013-11-01 12:59:16
tks.Terich for replying to my question....i was wondering as well if anybody out there is using this treatment for the MS disease and if they received good results?
2013-11-02 03:10:51
taking collidal silver how long do i need to wait to take hp
2013-11-04 12:12:57
2013-11-06 04:31:54
Is there a new method for taking the 35% with ascorbic acid..??
Mohammed Idrissa
2013-11-06 16:01:03
are there certain foods you must avoid when ingesting the H202

if so i would like to know please
2013-11-06 16:50:41
2013-11-07 08:42:45
HARA in greece its called OXIGENE .hi i found out from a friend and he has been taking 5 drops in pure orange juice every morning for 3 years ...never had a sick day!!He started his mother on it who has asthma and other diseases and now she wont stop it cause she has seen a difference.My partner has a blocked artery in his leg ...the doctors said they might have to amputate in a couple of years but ever since he started hydrogen peroxide 10 drops in the morning he has seen a big difference.I just found this sight so we are going to try the table and dosages above.I'll let you know how it goes , also another friend has psoriasis and shes staring it today.
2013-11-07 10:21:20
Mary (above) Do you happen to know how much orange juice your Greek friend uses for his H202? I was thinking of turning to juice for my 'distilled' water since all juice from fruit and I guess veggies too are always the ultimate in distillation. Pure as pure...ok I can hear you all saying...yes... but only if the juice comes from organic produce and of course this might well be true...BUT if you are like me and live in a country where you wouldn't have a clue (but only an educated guess)as to if something is organic or not ( we only know if it is GMO free and I suppose THAT'S something!)what are you to do? You have to pray over the produce and hope for the best.Quite frankly I am terrified for my long term health in this country. Does anyone resident in mainland Europe also have difficulty in solving the problem of the non-availability of medical quality distilled water? Many thanks
2013-11-07 12:03:49
2013-11-07 19:59:39
I do not see the above message as being relevant in any way to my message.
2013-11-07 23:14:33
Jackie I use PUREAU PURE WATER there is Nothing added to this water. Just pure water Please visit:
2013-11-08 07:03:05
Many thanks for your note Anneke but if I am the Jackie to whom you write then I have to tell you that I live in Eastern Europe!not Australia, What is 'pure' water? I need distilled water
2013-11-08 08:58:01
Yes Jackie I mean you and I know that you live in Eastern Europe, but If I thought if you look at the Box from Pure water there is nothing in there like in other boxes/bottle of water. I can't get distilled water here either. Yes from the ones who make this Pure water. But it is very expensive. But because pure water is just that Pure water, it is okay for you to use the Hydrogen Peroxide. Normally there is Sodium, Calcium, Chlorides, Bicarbonates, Nitrates, Magnesium in the water you buy at the shop. But this one, which you buy also in the Super Market, is clear of all that and therefore okay for people who need to take medication. I just wanted to let you know that if we can get it here in Australia, you certainly can get it in Europe, as we here in Australia can't get all the things you can get in Europe. Please look for it on line, there most be something in your country who is selling water without anything in it. Good luck, warm regards Anneke
2013-11-18 19:11:51
You can make your own distilled water at home! its really not that hard just google it, all youll need is a bowl and some sort of large cooking pot.
2013-11-18 21:31:02
Hi guys
Me and my husband have been taking this for a few years, all I can say is that he recovered very quickly from a lot of illnesses such as lupus SLE and blood poisoning! I do believe that diseases are manifested from our thoughts and until you deal with what has made you ill you cant fully recover. I strongly recommend FasterEFT, my husband had 2 sessions of this to deal with a abuse he had as a child and it was amazing!!! Check out Robert Smith fasterEFT on youtube! I think the 2 compliment one another xxx
2013-11-19 05:28:17
Hi Anneke, Hmm! Unfortunately your assumption that what you can get in the Antipodes you can get in Europe ain't necessarily true. I could name you dozens of instances and I do not mean brand names. Have you ever contacted the producers of Pure Water to investigate the chemical analysis of their product or to an independent analysis lab? For instance..from where does the company obtain their water and it must have gone through some process to get into the bottle..which leads one it a glass or plastic bottle. If it is a plastic bottle what kind of plastic is it? Distilled water for internal use should only ever be kept in a glass bottle to keep its integrity.You might be very surprised at what you cannot get in many different countries in Europe,,,Don't assume anything..even the simplest things it never ceases to amaze me! I would never ever buy distilled water from any source unless it had been certified and approved for use in medical establishments
2013-11-19 05:41:22
Jackie, there is not 1 chemical in the "Pure water" I am talking about. It comes in a bladder in a box. They sell it to lots of people who are taking medicines and have to take it with pure water, as in tap water and normal bottled water are too many chemicals added.
2013-11-19 08:07:18
Then be happy with it ( I am not being sarcastic in any way believe me). But I would still be questioning the manufacturer and if they are not concerned to answer you then you will have your answer.
2013-11-28 03:59:58
Im 5 months pregnant. Can I take this?
2013-12-06 09:21:33
To Jason. Re Herpes. I also have HSV2. I am trialling oral HP therapy. I have read of others promising results. I guess you won't know till you try it. I do know that other conditions I have , have improved in a short period of time. I told my doctor what I was doing and she was very encouraging and wanting to know the results. I will keep up the program and return for blood tests in a couple of months. I have a very aggressive strain with regular (monthly) episodes . So any improvement on that will be welcome. I will continue with maintenance doses as well for a period of time then the real test is to come off it and see if the HSV returns. God luck
2013-12-06 12:10:57
hello everyone out there, i'm wondering if anyone has Multiple Screrosis (MS)and received any great benefits from using drinking the 35% FGHP? i'm 2 months taking the treatment and all is good...just curious if someone out there can share their results...thanks so much.
2013-12-14 14:25:59
So if we are taking a multivitamin, than we cannot take hydrogen peroxide internally?
If thats the case, than for how long should i stop taking the multivitamins before starting this oxygen therapy course?
2013-12-16 15:56:05
Hauwa Umar
2013-12-18 09:25:04
What is total cost of shipping two bottles of 2 litre 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to Abuja, Nigeria. Thank you.
Hauwa Umar
2013-12-18 09:43:18
what is the total cost of shipping 5 litre 35% hydrogen peroxide to Abuja, Nigeria.
Thank you.
2013-12-18 10:34:52
Sorry but we do not ship to Nigeria
2014-01-03 18:04:06
I am interested in your opinion.Question is:can person who is alergic on classic medice Hydrogen use to drink Hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade diluted in destiled water to 3% and be safe?Thank you in advance.
2014-01-06 09:30:56
I have read with interest the comments and issues people have about when and how to use 35%hydrogen peroxide. I have a relative who has been sick for quite a while (heart and lung disease as a result of a blood clot in the leg). She is right now experiencing breathing difficulties and has been taking very many medicines. I'm thinking of trying this. I hope it can help her
2014-01-09 04:15:03
I had a hair transplant last month from my own donnor area is it safe to do the 35% diluted H202 31 days protocol?
2014-01-09 05:56:12
Of course it is but only if you are not taking any medication
2014-01-09 21:44:15
I have been following the course for almost 2 weeks and I'm up to the 16 drops 3x a day and I can't increase it. I feel so awful. I have really bad diarrhoea and when i eat its like the food is not being digested and it sits in my stomach all day and I feel so bloated and have no appetite. I've tried to force myself to eat but I feel so full even though its been 8 hours since my last meal. I think I'm going to stop because of this.
2014-01-12 22:02:48
This may sound like a stupid question but how much is one drop exactly? Do I fill up the entire dropper?
2014-01-13 02:03:16
CAN you use the H202 protocol while being on 1/2 tablet of proscar finesteride daily?
2014-01-13 03:54:36
Derek, when you buy a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, you get 2 plastic droppers with it and you just use one and you don't have to fill the whole dropper when you just start taking it. As you only use a few drops at the time. After you put your drops in you water, then put the drops left in the dropper back into the bottle. I rinse the outside of the dropper, but not the inside. Hope this makes sense ;)
2014-01-13 04:28:48
@ Jason and @ newladi86... regarding hsv2, I have heard that yes it does cure the virus and rid your body from it... but according to one protocol, you must change ur diet for the time while on it and NO NO NO, you do not need to take this forever. I recommend two months the most and wait at least one more before going to your doctor for a blood test to see results
2014-01-13 04:51:41
@mike, even if u cant increase it, remain on the dose level that's more comfortable for you, but don't stop. Not sure if you're trying to cure an illness or just wanting to take it for energy and other health benefits
2014-01-13 04:54:36
@ sarah Wilcox.. are you the same sarah Wilcox who has the "get rid of herpes" cure book that's asking this question? " I hear it cures herpes? is this true?"
2014-01-13 04:56:09
what is the shelf life of 35% food grade hp? How long can you refrigerate it before it goes bad?
2014-01-13 15:17:42
Just wondering if taking 10 drops once daily is a good maintenace to follow...wondering if perhaps this is not enough, but taking more than that amount turns my belly.. any suggestions out there?
2014-01-13 04:58:59
also, does anyone know what do you use Spanish sea salt for?
2014-01-13 06:02:34
S ammy, what a lot of questions you have! Remember though that answers to the same question can vary. But from me I can tell you for sure that H202 nevr 'goes bad', but the strength depreciates 10% each year. Do not throw it away just increase the number of drops by 10% appropriately.. You can keep your H202 in the freezer as it does not freeze! As for Spanish sea salt bang your question into your ccomputer! Blessings
2014-01-13 16:54:45
G day Ron And Sammy would u mind please telling me the dosage your are on would love to give it a go kind regards Jason
Anoruo Jane
2014-01-13 18:50:08
Thank God for the discovery of this solution,HP35% food grade,so many people have been cured with it of different kinds of disease
2014-01-13 18:55:23
hi long did you take 35% FGHP before you felt better?
2014-01-13 20:46:17
Michelle Squires,according to the booklet that comes with the bottle a good maintenance dose is 5-15 drops per week. I take every second day 4 drops first thing in the morning.
2014-01-14 05:22:15
I've been doing the protocol for about 6 weeks
First month I was nauseous I'm better now
I guess my insides are use to it
I stopped having allergies I'm happy about that
Because I've had allergies almost every day
I also have better digestion Sleeping is a little problem
Since I've been taking it
But it's okay
I would like to know what foods do I need to avoid doing this protocol trough herpes treatment.
And other question
If the protocol doesn't take care of it
Do I need to start the protocol all over again and change my diet?
Please let me know
So far I've been fine Except
I've had two break outs.
I'm going to finish the whole protocol
Would the break out go away after I'm done?

Thank you :•)
2014-01-15 23:13:50
Hello Jason, I followed the protocol, starting with 3 drops/3 times a day, up to 25. I then stayed on 25 drops x 3 tad for about 2 weeks, then reduced it to 25 x 2 tad and I'm still at that level, and will stay there for a while yet.
The main reason I am staying at those levels for so long is that I suffer no problems like stomach upset or nausea etc and I feel comfortable there.
The other reason is to try to beat it once and for all, so I'll keep it going indefinitly.
Some points to remember:
It's important to find your own comfort. Level and work slowly up from there. Don't stop because you're feeling unwell, in some respects that a good sign.that it's working.
I have no access to distiller water, so I collected rain water,which doesent produce a reaction with HP. I tried to make distilled , but found the taste as bad as the HP. So I bought a water purifier that removes the metals,chlorine,fluoride etc upside of this is the stoves produces more oxygenated water, which is only beneficial to the process.
At about 14 drops 3 tad, it started tasting bad, so I started drinking it with freshly squeezed orange juice. 2 oranges at a time. Makes more palatable, especially at the higher doses.
Get into a routine of taking it at the same time every day and organise your meals around that, not the other way round.
If your eating healthy, keep doing it and if not start ASAP.
I also take a probiotics for digestive aid,vitamin b for stress, vitamin e because it apparently it helps the body use the HP.
Research.all the above I got from googling. You can never have too much info.
I haven't had an episode since early November, and I usually breakout every 4-6 weeks. It's not record,but it's close. Another reason to continue the protocol as long as possible.
The HP has also helped in many other areas. I also now use spray for topical skin problems and also a nasal/throat spray. Both work.
I won't list all the other ways it has helped, but if anyone's interested I will at a future date.
Good luck and persevere!!
2014-01-16 01:20:40
I have been taking 35%FG for 2 weeks now. I take vitamins and am wondering should I stop?
Also, I am travelling to a festival next week & will have trouble keeping the H2O2 frozen. Can I stop for 5 days then start again at the last strength I stopped at? Thanks
2014-01-16 03:30:33
Hi again
Also, is it OK to drink alcohol whilst on this regime?
Also, Ron I would like to know the other ways H2O2 has helped you.
2014-01-16 04:57:05
Hi Helen, depends what the vitamins are. As long as you combine them with a healthy diet and stick to the required times for eating before or after drinking the HP.
Again I think it's more about what you're comfortable with. If you're not having a problem, why change?
I was taking a lot of over the counter supplements, mainl for arthritis. Panadol osteo,chondrointon, glucosamine, fish oil, etc. I don't take them anymore. Once a day after breakfast I have magnesium, vit b, vit e and a probiotic and I feel fine.
Each th their own with alcohol. I have a few beers now and again. Everything in moderation. Again it's about how you feel.
I no longer have painful cramps in my feet and toes at night anymore.
My neck which has been a constant problem is so good it's scary.
Shortly after I started, I got some really bad flu symptoms, and spent a week or more coughing up crap from my lungs. I then made up an inhaler and bothe breathed it and sniffed it. Really good results. Don't make it too strong, start at much less than 3.5% and work up from there.
I had a lot of sun damage on the backs of my hands, I just spray a mist over them after a shower twice a day. It's taken a few weeks but now the skin looks much healthier,dry crusty skin is all but disappeared, age spots have paled.
I use to struggle after a heavy workload, but now I seem to recover quicker and getting up in the morning is easier.
I think most people know by now what a quick healer HP is. It's good for any part of your body, at the right strength of course.
HP doesent need to be in a freezer, just needs to be cool. I doubt wether 4/5 days is going to worry it. Just keep it as cool as you can.
Hope that helps
2014-01-16 05:01:56
Helen......H202 does NOT freeze even when kept in your freezer.. Maybe start again or at 4th or 5th day is not going to kill you...EVER! As for me I would not get too hung up about is not a crisis or you would not be going ...go and enjoy yourself and take the H202 regime up again when you return. Hope your festival is somewhere warm! Blessings
2014-01-17 05:12:19
@Ron.. You said you take those supplements, and vitamin e.. When do you take these? at meal? I am taking, olive leaf extract, L-lysine, primadophilis bifidus (Probiotic), and copper, because I read that copper can increase the effectiveness of the H202 by 3,000 times. But in this article, it states not to have copper when taking h202. This is where I'm confused. Does it mean in the stomach when ingesting it or is it still ok to take within mealtime and within the "safe window"?
2014-01-18 05:33:56
Chris, I have breakfast about one and a half or two hours after taking the HP. I then take the vitamins and I haven't had a problem.
I don't know about the copper and I haven't read anywhere that it increases the effect of the HP and 3,000 times seems a bit far fetched, but I can only comment about my own experiences and from what I have read metals react with the HP to cause stomach upsets etc. is there any other reason you take the copper? Regardless of which vitamin supplements you are taking, I would take them on a full stomach and well before your next dose of HP.
2014-01-19 00:36:43
Can i have drops of H202 mixed in distilled water in my water bottle for 6 hours and I can take it a work or would that affect the H202 by mixing in distilled Water for too long? Can I drink normal water after?
2014-01-21 14:40:55
@Ron.. Ok, thanks for your reply. That's what I expected. I have added Vitamin E to my supplements. Also, let me clarify.. UP TO 3,000 times more effective, not BY 3,000 times, the copper i mean. I am taking it within the safe window and so far I have no problems. There's no other reason I'm taking the copper other than I felt it may increase the effectiveness as I have heard.

@Danny, that's a good question, I'm wondering that myself.
2014-01-23 06:31:37
Buy the book called Health Disclosure by Adam Masters
It details how pain, depression and disease happens. HP gets rid of the flower of disease but does not change the soil from which it grew. He tells you how to change your soil!! (your blood)
2014-01-23 06:33:27

I forgot to put link to HEALTH DISCLOSURE book.
2014-01-23 06:54:14
Chris and Danny, I premix the HP and take it with me to work. Just keep it cold.
I had an episode a few days ago. First one in nearly 11 weeks, but it wasn't as bad as before, also I took no anti virals, just used the HP as a spray on the area effected and it was over in 4 days. - gives me some hope, so I'll keep going at current levels - 25 drop x twice a day.
Also normal water should be ok if you wait a while before you drink it, even better get a water purifier, get rid of all the nasties and drink your own water.
2014-01-23 07:00:32
Herpes is activated by:
drinking coffee, alcohol
poor rest/sleep
poor non-organic food diet. With an outbreak drink water laced with electrolytes and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt. HP only helps the symptom but you gotta help yourself.
I read this in HEALTH DISCLOSURE book.
2014-01-23 12:54:37
hi there Ron, do you think that by taking only 15 drops per day/8ozs of distilled water can help with disease? or would it be best to stay at 25 drops x 2 daily?
2014-01-23 18:45:18
10 drops 1x/day in a glass of water is the maintenance dose. You can only stay above that amount temporarily because h2o2 is caustic. Avoid Genetically Modified Food. It is the biggest cause of IBS, stomach pain.
emmett jones
2014-01-24 03:59:54
what is a drop? like drop of what from what. rain drop tear drop there are large drops and small drops. so how do you measure a drop as you define a have eyedrops etc...if I know what drop means taken from what device then I am good.
2014-01-24 20:53:37
Emmett Jones, when you buy a bottle it comes with 2 special droppers and a user guide. How to take it and how many drops and in how much water. The amount of water increases when the drops are in greasing. Hope this helps you a bit. Kind regards Anneke.
2014-01-24 20:57:49
Alan, in the user guide that comes with the bottle, it tells you that the Maintenance dose is 5 till 15 drops per WEEK, not per day. What you are saying, is much to much for maintenance. Kind regards Anneke.
2014-01-25 19:41:16
Doe anyone know if 100% natural spring water is usable or would it have too many natural minerals?
2014-01-25 19:49:31
The amount of h2o2 is what best suits you.
10 drops/day max as a maintenance dose.
h2o2 only addresses the SYMPTOM of imbalances. h2o2 kills anaerobic diseased cells and cancer. It does not change the soil in which the flower of disease grew.
The size of the drop is constant.
Distilled water is the proper water. If you are fussy you can have your mixture sit overnight on the counter.
Read the book Health Disclosure by Adam Masters on Balboa books to help anyone with health issues of any kind.
2014-01-25 19:55:17
Doe anyone know if 100% natural spring water is usable or would it have too many natural minerals?
2014-01-25 21:23:43
The answer is posted just above yours.
Its good.
What are you trying to fix?
2014-01-26 01:53:10
Doe anyone know if 100% natural spring water is usable or would it have too many natural minerals?
2014-01-26 01:57:49
Spring water is ok. Take it 1 hour before or 2 hours after food. You'll be fine.
2014-01-26 01:58:54
I am getting over a lung infection that no doctor can seem to diagnose I have had it for about a month. I spent 3days in the hospital. That was about 2weeks ago. I'm much better than I was but I can tell the infection is lingering.
2014-01-26 02:01:23
Thank you alan
2014-01-27 19:40:02
H2o2 is a useful tool until underlying cause of disease is revealed.

Naturalpaths are taught to chase symptoms using natural methods instead of pharma.

Read Health Disclosure by Adam Masters at Balboa Books. Chapter 3 explains about the toxin that leads to the underlying cause of lung problems, heart, bone, tendons, MS, Epidemic of Chlamydia Pneumoniae, which are symptoms to underlying cause and why h2o2 doesn't always work for patient recovery.

Hope this helps.
2014-01-26 02:13:28
Your lung infection is likely caused by mold where you live. Mold comes and goes and the only way to measure it is in a pitri dish from samples of where you live and work. Dr LIn of New York knows how to do it. This is the cause of most disease, and HP eliminates the symptom. You can read all about your disease in Chap 3 of Health Disclosure. Don't take is to your doctor. He will not understand something he hasn't been taught. You are on your own. Mold kills more people than all diseases combined....the exception is the USA, where the toxic food is killing the population. Migraines and body pains are from exposure to mold when it comes. Perfect humidity, moisture, temperature and no sun. Sun is a mold detoxifier. That's why people are healthier at the end of summer. Then bang you dread winter.
2014-01-26 02:15:00
Thank you alan
2014-01-26 02:30:30
You hit it on the head Alan. where I work there is mold I don't get too close to it but I'm sure that doesn't matter. I also live in a older home and I found the new windows in my bedroom were sweating keeping the sills wet because its winter here right now. I go it laid off from work the day I got sick so no more exposure there. I have also cured the moisture on the windows in my bedroom. I now just want to be sure this bug is out of means feel normal again.
2014-01-26 02:56:18
Teresa, the number one reason people take h2o2 is because of exposure to mold and find themselves in a crisis. Most people who take h2o2 don't know why they are taking it or what h2o2 does. The 2nd biggest reason for taking h2o2 is for candida caused by eating food the body doesn't recognize. GMO. Cancer is the 3rd biggest reason when 1st reason and 2nd reason meet!
2014-01-26 03:06:04
Alan since I contracted this infection I have been doing alot of research on getting and staying healthy. Are you not suggesting to do HP as a preventing method? To only do it when nessaryas in showing symptoms of infection? I'm going to go buy the book tomorrow.
2014-01-26 03:14:19
h202 is a tool for treating the symptom not the cause of disease. Best to take as necessary only. That book tells you how disease happens and it saved my life!
I did use h2o2 to cure myself of cancer and pneumonia when chemo failed. Chemo kills 80% of your immune system for years!!! and....causes permanent kidney, liver and brain damage. The governments around the world are trying to get h2o2 off the shelves to protect drug patents. Best to do the opposite of what your government tells you. Get lots of sun! No lotion or burning : )
2014-01-26 03:20:26
Wow Alan congrats. Thank you again for you info. I also believe you about the government. I can't wait to get that book. Take care.
2014-01-26 06:10:46
This is addressed to you Alan.People rely heavily on this site site on the exchange of personally gained knowledge of H202 and that includes you will not mind if I ask the question as from where have you garnered your personal knowledge so willingly distributed here?Is there any clear factual research to be found, for instance regarding your proposal that one can use mineral water as a replacement for distilled water, since I think the two cannit be the same..The fact of the matter must be does the mineral content of the mineral water affect the efficacy of the H202?If not then why is distilled water the only water recommended for use with H202. Apart from distilled water the only other recommended liquid for this use appears to be orange juice. I live in Ukraine....very high wa;ity mineral water is available and is very famous. Distilled water is not or you have to g0 through hoops to get it and the cost of oranges as recommended would be high. Whic brings me to another thought,, if oj is recommended then it must go without saying that other fruit juice must be ok but would theory apply ONLY if all the fruit juice is organic and put through a juicer at home. I have a personal interest in this problem.
2014-01-26 06:15:05 part should have read....high quality
2014-01-26 06:53:38
h2o2 foodgrade is a reactive process through oxidation. It oxidizes anaerobic diseased cells. I couldn't imagine using OJ. I have tried both mineral water and distilled and was disappointed to find no difference. For those who like to abide by rules you can let mineral water sit on the counter overnight. I think some guidelines are important and others are not. Some people thrive on rules and others thrive by results. I thrive by results.

My finding: was that distilled water was a waste of money and I wouldn't dare use OJ. I view OJ as "food". Good news...I have found h2o2 that is 10x stronger but cannot share information because it would shut down its distribution immediately. To prove the point to will see bubbling if there is a reaction to mineral water. I have not seen this occur. This is a soft science and individual needs are dictated by individual tolerance. My conclusion is that Efficacy is theoretical and somewhat insignificant. I suggest to all to start off at the minimum or less. I have seen people become nauseous on just 2 drops in a glass of water. I have seen people do 20 drops on their first dose!

Note: h2o2 controls symptoms of disease and not the cause of disease.
I see this site sells iodine. For women, 83% of breast cancer is caused by low iodine. It helps eliminate dry skin, hair loss, infertility, stubborn stomach fat following child birth, hypothyroidism, goiters, edema, dry skin, low energy, and eliminating a layer of arthritis.
Iodine is bleached out by chlorine, bromine and fluoride. I suggest using h2o2 in the hot tub instead. Lugols is excellent!

Information about iodine and h2o2 is found on several sites and is centralized in the book Health Disclosure by Adam Masters Hope this helps.
2014-01-26 23:59:07
Teresa, you most probably have
Chlamydiae-Pneumoniae.Have a test made.
2014-01-27 00:24:19
The whole point of being on this site, is that you don't need tests. You have h2o2.
Tests and the whole health system just reveal symptoms and don't go to the root of cause. It's why society is sick. Tests are a waste of time. Teresa knows the cause of her problems. Now she can act without wasting time. Humanity has to realize this to evolve out of the dark age. Hope this helps.
2014-01-27 10:19:42
Dear Alan,I think to to say one does not need any testing is dark age too. I am a Naturopath,I donot believe in the BIg Pharma at all. But in order to deal with "symptoms" u have to know whats behind it.There is a real Epidemic of Chlamydia Pneumoniae on the planet going on. This not only causes Lungs problems but also Heart,and bones,tendons, MS etc. To not know the root of the problems one is having is nonsense..I am treating Patients with H202 since years,but it does not work always,everybody is different.
2014-01-28 00:15:01
Alan, Is it possible to drink milk coffee during the 3hr gap between eating and taking the next dose of H2O2 as it is written that you can drink the drops with milk if necessary?
2014-01-28 00:31:35
Alan, My friend has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and has had chemo to no avail so now is on the stronger doses. Would H2O2 assist him if he were to take it whilst on chemo?
2014-01-28 01:16:43
There are over 400 cures for cancer.
Trying to survive the chemo treatments was torturous experience. Several years later, I am still cleaning up the damage. You can eliminate the flower of cancer easily but you must change the soil in which the flower of disease grew. It is against the law to try and help you. What you need to know is on this page.
Hope this helps.
2014-01-29 13:20:13
Search. "The truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide".download the mp3 lecture and the real book that the one minute cure got their info from,for free and print it out.everybody will see results.from h2o2,because ALL our bodies use atomic oxygen,o1,to vitalize and restore.EVERYBODY IS THE SAME,or medical anatomy textbooks could not be used.however we have VARIATIONS due to enviorment,etc...history.
2014-01-31 21:19:41
Hello everybody. I read ALL your comments. some very interesting, other so dumb, asking the same thing over and over again.
But I'm stil confused because I thought, reading the protocol here and on other sites, that i should take my bottle of 35% HP and dilute this in my small droplet bottle to make 3% HP. And THEN i should use this 3% HP as drops in my distilled water. So please clarify once and for all, is it correct or should i just use the straight 35% HP?

Also, another question: since we should not take HP mixed with vitamin C, why do you all say that orange juice is ok?! As far i know, orange juice contain some natural vit C (store bought oj is even worse since they add synthetic vit C in it). Just wondering.

My contribution if people living in FRANCE are reading this: I asked for distilled water at the pharmacy, they gave me Eau Pour Preparations Injectables EPPI, which i researched and found out is the correct water. But it cost 6 euros / liter so very expensive on the long term. I will do as Alan suggested and use mineral water or even my filtered water. It should be fine.

Regarding hsv, that's the reason why i'm trying this therapy. I will update you guys in 6 months.
Finally, about the gap between HP doses and meals, i thought that as long as you take it on an empty stomach, waiting 20-30 mins before eating should be ok. I got that idea knowing that water take 15min to pass through the digestive track. It's just oxygenated water right? So why is it so important to wait 4 hours? This a VERY long time. Example:
1) I wake up at 9. I have a dose of HP. Then i wait 20 min. I have glass of water (because you need to hydrate right?) with my supplements (i take alkalizing minerals and lysine). Then i wait an hour because those supplements are to be taken far from meals. I now can have breakfast. It's, say, 10.30am. (Lunch at around 1pm when hungry, then wait 3 hrs for digestion, then take second dose of HP: it's 4pm. Wait 20 min, have a snack. ETC ETC)
HP --> suppl --> food --> etc
Does that make sense to anyone here or am i completely wrong and should do the following:
2) I wake up at 9am. I drink the HP dose. I wait at least 1 hr before eating breakfast, it's 10. Then i wait 3 more hours before taking my supplements. Now i can have lunch and it's 2pm.
HP --> food --> supp --> etc.
3) I wake up at 9. I take the HP. Now i wait 4 hrs without eating ANYTHING at all. It's 1pm. I take my supplements and wait 1 hr. I can now have lunch, it's 3pm... :/

Thank you for reading this looooong post. Please specify scenario 1), 2) or 3) if you have the kindness to reply.
2014-01-31 21:23:58
OK, it's me again.
I read again the beginning of the protocol and got the answer to my first question: i should not dilute the HP and use the 35% HP as drops in the distilled water.
Sorry about that. Got confused i guess. Always read carefully ;)
2014-01-31 21:31:05
Thanks for all your comments there are very helpful. I was looking to see if h202 only cure someone HIV or someone you know? I am HIV positive for 8 years and taking the meds everyday. I am pregnant now but i want to wait until I give birth to start the protocol. Any suggestion is welcome.
Thanks God bless all of you and cure from illeness.
2014-02-02 01:37:10
Hi, I am taking this H202 protocol for about 2 weeks now. My friends and I are interested in beers tonight will this protocol not be as effective if I consume beers tonight?
2014-02-05 10:54:28
Anyone know if this thing react somehow with titanium implants in mouth ?... and how much time i have to wait till eating after take this on empty stomach ( 1 hour ? half ?)? tnx !
2014-02-12 22:27:15
I have 35% H2O2 that I make 3% solution (I've forgotten how.) I think it's outlawed in the US. But you are selling the already made 3%
solution????? So I don't have to do my own.
2014-02-12 23:12:19
Mix 1/2 oz to 16 oz water or
1/4oz to 8oz.
For external use only to disinfect.
2014-02-13 07:29:29
No-one answered Danny's question as to whether he could have a few beers when taking H2O2 regime.
2014-02-13 12:19:38
No one seems to answer my questions either.
2014-02-24 08:17:25
@Danny, I have been on 10 drop per day for about a year now. I do drink beer but treat it like 'food' meaning I wait 1+ hours after the HP and over 3 hours befor I drink HP again. Beer is made with yeast and you dont want to mix them. Its best not to drink beer when using HP. If your going to chose beer for a day, do it without the HP for that day. Thats what I do.
2014-02-28 18:11:32
My husband has severe COPD and is on 4 litres of oxygen 24 hrs of the day. Would Hydrogen peroxide help his situation and if so can you please tell me exactly how to administer it.
Thank you so much
Bobbys Healthy Shop
2014-02-28 18:22:23
I'm sorry but we here at the shop cannot give any medical advice on the use of hydrogen peroxide. You may have to do some more research online.
2014-02-28 19:06:47
Information about COPD is in a book called Health Disclosure by Adam Masters, Balboa. Summarized COPD is caused by severe multiple organ (liver)& cellular toxic conditions aggravated by eating GMO food and malnourishment. You can eat all you want in western society, but most people are malnourished, close to 97+%. Hosts for COPD are/is someone who through life experience irritated the lungs and/or has a hereditary weakness. H2O2 really helps with symptoms while you detox and find real food. Its in the book. Pay attention to chap 1 & 2. COPD is from a body so toxic that you have to ramp up and detox slowly. If the book right, it will not be his only problem the protocol should solve. Eating organic, meal replacements, and juicing can make a lot of people go into toxic shock returning to homeostasis. Another word for health.
What I learned is that health is found in a "health" food store. I don't/can't go anywhere else. Hope this helps.
derek r
2014-03-01 13:11:45
to Alan and anyone knowledgeable, I just started h202 35% food grade therapy, about 4 days now, and mainly for oedeem (feet, ankle, stomach area) caused by "heart rythm disfuntion". Had this over 10 years ago and had to take beta blockers, but since 7 years symptoms disappeared and was off medication, but now suddenly re-appeared. Q> is h202 ok as treatment (as claimed by the books) and will oedeem disappear gradually during the treatment, or is there still need to take "diuretica" (piss pills) or perhaps a herbal alternative to drive out the moisture, and if so, how does it go with the h202 treatment ???
thanks a lot.
2014-03-04 04:30:16
hello! is there anyone knows if they will deliver fg h202 in the philippines. we don't have fg h202 here in our country. please help me.thank you very much.
2014-03-04 11:10:51
Fonnie - Add your chosen product to your basket, proceed to checkout then select your country from the drop-down list.
2014-03-05 04:54:17
Hi I would like to know if you have to drink it straight away or can premix some to take at work etc..also does drinking beer /wine hinder the process?
2014-03-07 00:25:49
@ Jim, I premix three 16oz bottles of water at night befor bed and store in the refrigerator for the next day. Keeping a premix bottle in a cool dark place is always best. Beer, soda, ect. has CO2 in it and I would try not to use them for best results.
2014-03-08 22:54:59
Can someone familiar with the maintenance schedule help me clarify! when it says, 25 drops, once every other day.. Does it mean 25 drops total for each day, or 25 3 times each of those days?? thanks in advance!

2014-03-10 11:18:54
Hi Chris
It is 25 drops per day from my understanding. It is noted in the table at the top of these questions/answers as maintenance.
I don't take H2O2 any more as I did it as a precautionary measure for any condition I may not have known about, up to 25 drops x 3 times/day. I am now on the probiotics.
2014-03-11 00:24:45
Hi Helen,

So 25 drops total not x 3 on those maintenance days.. Got it, thanks!

I've started doing 8 drops, then 9 drops, then 8 drops for my 3rd glass on those maintenance days to total 25 drops (I went ahead and did it despite not being 100% sure).
2014-03-11 01:34:18

One more thing, what do you mean you're "now" on probiotics? Aren't we supposed to be on them during the whole course of this? A little confused on what you meant by that.
2014-03-11 13:25:13
Take probiotics everyday, because it is hard to avoid GMO (poison). in our lives.
2014-03-12 00:18:05
I should have said "I am only on probiotics" rather than "now". I didn't take them initially but after now reading more, I am.
2014-03-13 17:54:41
I want to try h2o2 inhalation. I have 6 percent h2o2. I will dilute it to 3% but i only have mineral water available here. I read somewhere that we need distullled water for dilution but i cant find it anywhere. Can i still use mineral water
derek r
2014-03-14 12:22:58
following my previous post (with no replies) I had to consult a doctor who had me admitted/hospitalized for 1 week .... the oedeem/moisture has gone (lasix/burinex) and am back on beta blockers medication ... now, as supposedly the oxygen therapy would heal the heart condition, rather than manage it via medication, my Q is >>> can I use the oxygen therapy together with the medication (think not) .. or how ?? i.e. avoiding relapse ... can anyone advise .. thanks in advance
2014-03-14 13:26:58
H2O2 will not help a nutrient deficiency. You need to discover health. When you are that unhealthy, the rest of your body is not far behind!! Juicing, meal replacements, salads and greens, trace minerals and only organic will work. Once you get strong enough you will need to clean your liver repeatedly. An H2o2 quick blast will blow out your (toxic)candida to help increase nutrient absorption and takes out anaerobic cells. Medication is toxic. There is a book you should consider, called Health Disclosure by Adam Masters. This is where I get the info. Disease is a CHOICE. Hope this helps.
2014-03-16 14:12:26
to allan and anyone who learned about fgh202- i'm from the philippines and got no fgh202 here. can i use the 3% pharmaceutical grade h202 for inhalation? what are the side effects if i desperately use it. thank you...
2014-03-20 07:33:14
taking 35% in 250mls of water 3 times daily .. trying to get up to 25 drops but kinda stuck at 12 .. making me feel a little nausea and very tired .. anyone else having these side effects ?
2014-03-20 16:40:22
@fonnie, only use "food grade" and distilled water.

@stelth, try these two things. 1. increase the water volume to 500mls so its more diluted when you drink it. 2. drink one 250mls 6 drops, wait 15 to 30 minutes and drink a second 250mls 6 drops. And yes a little nausea is a common side effect.
2014-03-20 16:49:30
Start eating organic food.
Detox your body and liver.
Start juicing organic.
Avoid microwaves, coffee, alcohol, soda, smoking. These all add to malnutrition and a toxic body.
You need to help your body. h2o2 is only a useful tool. A fireman turns off the gas line feeding the fire before he expects to extinguish a fire. Large fire hoses work better than garden hoses. Your inflammation is no different than a burning house.
2014-03-21 02:35:11
@richard, thank you. but how can i get fgh202, can you help me?
derek r
2014-03-21 08:06:53
can someone (alan) define in more detail "juicing organic" ... perhaps with example or recommended websites ? thanks in advance
2014-03-21 14:25:18
#hsv2- to Ron & Jason.. What's up fellas I got this dreadful virus as well and it's hell man. Having to tell people is even harder. I want it gone like you. I tarted back late November, made it to 24ish drops and got lazy then stopped.. I didn't have any outbreaks till March 12.. I believe it helped but it didn't help me to stop. I also wasn't using distilled water but I was eating basically better.
I started again and this time I'm not gonna F around so I have distilled water, I'm proceeding through the protocol and when I reach 20 drops I will start taking a bath in a cup of fghp because I feel at that hp level plus the bath you will really get to the virus! I will also not be mixing it with any juice of anything that can change the compound. I chew a piece of cool mint gum and spit into the toilet till it's gone. It helps with the taste. I'm also going to stay at 25 drops,3 times a day for at least a week. Then I will decrease in drops till I hit 14. I'm thinking 14 because the taste isn't that bad. On the bright side I feel relatively great. I sleep for 6-8 hrs and pop up in the morning then go for a run after my morning dose then come home and eat some fruit. Please if anyone one wants to talk about any of this I would like to help you because I know this is hard for you an there's not much support. Plus I haven't seen too many posts anywhere that say this protocol actually cured them and if there is. Well then how about you start screaming so no ones left wondering. I just want my life back, it disqualified me from the army. If anyone has any feedback email me
2014-03-21 21:42:21
John, I started in November last year. I followed the protocol to 25 drops a day x 3, and stayed at that level for 3 weeks. I then went to 25 drops twice a day and stayed there for three weeks and now I still take 25 drops once a day at least 4 - 5 days a week and I can't see myself stopping. I also still inhale it and spray it onto my skin - all over.
I use to get these pimple like things on my face just before an episode of HSV, I don't get them anymore and I haven't had an episode for 2 months. I personally don't think it is a cure, but it does something, it does help so I'll keep taking it.
I read somewhere, maybe even here, I'm not sure, that you sometimes have to beat it into submission by persevering and continue to to take the HP. I believe that. I also still take it with juice and I don't use distilled water, just good quality, purified water. Good luck
2014-03-23 14:37:22
Ron. Thanks for your input.. So taking it with fresh squeezed oj is ok? I saw that u can squeeze 2 oranges and add 6-8 oz water then add the drops. I'll give anything a shot. I'm at 22 drops now and after chugging it I chew gum and hold my nose haha.. It's nasty but I really want to get ahold on this. I really wish there were more then 2 testimonials from ppl saying they tested negative after the protocol. I'm using olive leaf, lysine,oregano oil,and ACV.I feel with eating right and everything else there is a good chance of curing it. I'm praying it will because that's all there's left to do.
Also since my last OB started (almost 2 weeks ago) I've been noticing that the site of infection has moved and won't really go away. This is new because I read that it doesn't move and it should be cleared up. Lim hoping soaking in the baths of h2o2 will help it.
2014-03-23 19:14:26
Herpes outbreaks are caused by dehydration, malnutrition, stress, weak immune system and/or poor sleep.
To build immune system, Start eating organic food.
Detox your body and liver.
Start juicing organic. Apples, beets, cucumbers, celery, carrots in a juicer.
Avoid microwaves, coffee, alcohol, soda, smoking. These all add to malnutrition and a toxic body.
You need to help your body. h2o2 is a useful tool to kill anaerobic cells, bacteria, virus and make vaccinations not needed. A fireman turns off the gas line feeding the fire before he expects to extinguish a fire. Large fire hoses work better than garden hoses. Your inflammation is no different than a burning house.
The herpes virus hides in healthy cells when attacked with food grade h202. For outbreaks take h2o2 as you can tolerate. h2o2 in theory would react with Orange Juice and makes no sense. h2o2 reacts with everything including viruses. Sleep with a glass of water by your bed. Dry mouth during the night and AM is your first sign of a problem outbreak. Hydrate and get lots of sun.
Enjoy life and help old ladies cross the road : )
2014-03-23 19:22:35
Alan. So what your saying is that this h2o2 protocol isn't the answer to "get rid of herpes" and is almost a waste of time.
2014-03-23 19:52:44
h202 is fantastic but a lone soldier needs support. I would do a maintenance dose for a year and hit it hard with outbreaks and write back.
There is always cause and symptom with all disease. 99.99% of all disease is anaerobic and can be removed with the free oxygen molecule in surplus in the body.....But you must change the soil in which the flower of disease grows. Vaccinations and anti-biotics are obsolete.
Humanity is programmed to only treat the symptom. Take a pill mentality assumes hydration, nutrition, and all else about health is normal including the other side of the coin, toxicity. Over 99% of humanity suffers from malnutrition and is toxic and this is the cause of obesity and almost all disease. It's been proven to professional athletes and Olympians that are malnourished and proven by performance following a 2 week protocol. The information is in the book Health Disclosure by Adam Masters and support sites like this one. Health care is only set up to treat "trauma" not disease, pain, inflammation, or obesity because they don't go to the cause. Enjoy health, enjoy life.
2014-03-23 20:15:33
Thanks a lot Alan! I'm gona continue with the h2o2 protocol with distilled water and proper diet. I definitely want to keep everyone posted about my progress because I want to beat it and you have to be patient. So hopefully I can tell people first hand I beat the bitch lol. I'll pick up that book also. Thanks again!
2014-03-24 07:13:50
Hi im takeing 35% deluded. In destilated water but I have a big problem with my breading , and. I have asghma is this normal side effect or I have to stop use it . Tnx , blessings
2014-03-24 13:24:32
hello out anyone taking 15 drops daily for maintenance? wondering if this is too much daily or if i should reduce to 15 drops every second or third day? looking for some advise!
2014-03-25 21:25:25
@ MIchelle - I think is 15 drops per week for maintenance

I did the protocol, but I have to stop at 18 drops. I can't drink it anymore. Can I just go to maintenance? I don't have health problmes, I just don't wanna get AIDs or cancer
2014-03-25 22:30:04
Hi Alessandro, the protocol of h202 protect aids or cure aids? Thanks
2014-03-26 01:56:46
@Marie Protects, can help in the cure I think, but for real results in some serious problem like AIDS the intravenous H2O2 is much more powerfull
2014-03-26 09:13:59
Hi. I was wondering if this has worked for anyone with herpes type 2 I have read numerous blogs on people who say it have but only a few who have retested negative.
2014-03-26 11:08:45
hi out there...i'm just wondering if a person has to take this for the rest of their life to prevent /help cure any disease?
2014-03-26 12:04:06
Johnt I might be on to something big here
2014-03-26 13:02:41
Hey guy I'm just checkin in.. I have had an ob that had been lasting since I started the protocol back up.. I'm on (25d 3x a day)day 2 now an the sores have been trying to heal yet still surfacing. Took a h2o2 bath a few days ago at 20 drops and an Epsom bath at 24.. The virus hasn't reseeded back it's kind of staying at the surface. So I'm not exactly sure if I have it trapped or what but I'm going to continue with another bath with h2o2(1cup) and 25d 3x aday! Maybe one of the biggest problems some people have is they start the protocol with no ob so the virus can hide where you can get it! Also incorporate 60 drops(30am then 30pm) of olive leave extract into you system at the beginning of the protocol till about 18 drops then do 60 in the am.i have been using oil of oregano and lysine for the past month also not sure if it did anythig but it can't hurt. I started the protocol at night so I always step up the dose before bed. Helps you get used to the increase..I've been eating great aswell! The veggies I basically warm in a skillet with a lil olive oil and the colors of them are bright and vibrant! You want that Before bed! Egges and juice in the morning with yogurt and a turkey sandwich with baked potato chips! I'm only using the distilled water with the h2o2 but I will sip it here and there. Other then that I drink purified water.
Trying to incorporate lysine,oil of oregano, olive leaf extract and also a spoon full of apple cider vinegar to the protocol is tricky but I'm going after the problem in many ways. You have to be patient but you also have to push yourself. Don't give up or get lazy!
2014-03-26 17:19:23
It worked :) I just got my blood test results negative. I did two months h202 protocol second month back to 3 drops 3 times a day with distilled water. I cured Herpes an its possible guys be positive and keep doing it. This method as been the cure for herpes for hundreds of years it's still practice in Germany by some specific doctors that don't support capitalism and pharmaceutical companies. Trust your body and how you can heal yourself not those who wants your money for Valtrex prescription every month. Thanks God and I wish you all this relief good luck!
2014-03-26 17:19:42
It worked :) I just got my blood test results negative. I did two months h202 protocol second month back to 3 drops 3 times a day with distilled water. I cured Herpes an its possible guys be positive and keep doing it. This method as been the cure for herpes for hundreds of years it's still practice in Germany by some specific doctors that don't support capitalism and pharmaceutical companies. Trust your body and how you can heal yourself not those who wants your money for Valtrex prescription every month. Thanks God and I wish you all this relief good luck!
2014-03-26 17:25:42
God bless 🙏 thank you for returning with your results! I believe I will return with the same soon enough
2014-03-26 22:20:23
Well done your a inspiration to keep going very happy for u .
2014-03-27 00:06:57
@ Danny That's pretty awersome, congratulations on the results !

I'm feeling pretty healthy, Anyone know how much H2O2 should I take to prevent diseases?
2014-03-27 05:31:18
Thank you. Alessandro I would take 300ml distilled water with 3 drops h202 food grade 3 times daily.
2014-03-28 14:12:20
Danny I'm curious to know what your doctor thought when he gave you the results for your test?! Was this hsv1 or 2?
2014-03-29 20:31:57
I'm no health practitioner, just have tried healthy eating when I can (and when I couldn't eat healthy maybe I should've abstained more, lol). We here are largely sincere partly hypochondriacs, but (like comrades in software development who aren't also megalomaniacs) generally with a heart for service. As I type this, a PBS TV program on Dairy production airs on my recycled set (it needs to be replaced by a far more energy-efficient digital model, BTW). My first suggestion to you fellow H2O2 droppers (I only use it rarely now) is to only use vegetable milk: almond, coconut, hemp as you prefer (rice and coconut are my prefs). Not to destroy the cow-folk industries, but for far better alimentary health. And in this health nut clique mix (vary) it up and spice it up (in moderation, of course as others say).

I agree that mold spores are causal (they, like virtually all growing things, are opportunistic feeders, so if you leave food or crumbs around, water/vapor humid/wet environment, etc. what should you expect?). I suggest using H2O2 to CLEAN everything in your living space, and the best avail. green PLANTS to get your fresh O2!
All I buy in the dairy case is yogurt, and that's usually at the cheapo 99 Cents/Dollar Tree stores. Here in L.A., where I can vary the healthy cultures and styles (it seems to help by using Mexican/Spanish types sometimes, because they have slightly different bacterial strains). On that vary-your-diet, I mix up everything... Asian (not just unhealthy sugary Chinese--by the way, sugar is not all bad if you use it like Jamaicans or Indians in its natural unrefined, minerals-left-in form--and true Chinese or Mexican is nothing like what gets sold to Americans!), grilled Mexican, Bangladeshi (yes, though they are poor in money their cuisine is phenomenal), Italian/Mediterranean (moderate amounts of FRESH bread & hummus, baba ghanoush, etc.), and many others... if it's really healthy food, you will know tomorrow, not merely from its taste at first.

Anyone will tell you to pare down the gluten and ramp up the fresh greens and herbs. The more mini-shallots and garlic in your diet, the less laboratory-produced chemicals like this you will need! Some experts like Gar Null say go full vegan (I'm not there yet).

I'm not a picture of health, but I'm working on it, lol!

Finally, my question for the group mind here is, "When are we going to take back U.S. public broadcasting and our public airwaves (including so-called "News" which has become so coopted by FAKE-ASS country-fied ultra-right-wing interests like huge conglomerates (Monsanto and their ilk/bedfellows) now sneakily under the guise of hip-sounding phony non-profits with buzzwords like Heartland (and the money-worshipping sickos at agenda destroying actual education and equal opportunity is there in all its self-adoring, flag-waving glory)? E.g., uninitiated kids watch shows on PBS like A Chef's Life and see its main character as a role model, while she cooks super-nutritionally-devoid oversalted pig slop and sells it at NYC prices? Bah!
Go organic, eat responsibly and take back the podium from hog farmers, please. God is actually on OUR side. Sorry I got so far off topic, but the reason folks need treatment with hydrogen peroxide (great for cleaning farm-fresh produce, BTW) is our bodies are so out of balance from being pawns in the oil industry's chemical dependence program.


2014-03-29 21:04:34
AMEN Frank.
What a world we live in figuring out health solutions on a forum chat!!
Time to wake up the other 99% to what a scam so-called health care is. We have trauma-care masquerading as health-care and the result is sick-care rammed down our throats by Nazis. The best is yet to come.

Support this site and donate to others like it!
2014-03-30 02:43:16
@Danny, hey man what did you do while you were on treatments exactly as far as diet and everything else did you legitimately get tested before and it was positive? and then you would legitimately get tested after and it was negative how long did you wait until treatment was over to get tested again and what did your Dr say when it was negative. Also any other advice you care to share, Thanks.
2014-04-01 00:14:42
Teresa,you have mold,fungus IMO,I your lungs.maby rope worm stage,1,2,3,4,5,.
One radio network
Extreme health radio
Dr Andreas kalcker
Professor volinski
Both shows
Read the
2014-03-30 09:13:14
Www.the truth about food grade hydrogen
Book PDF
2014-03-30 14:07:03
please help
i am having all these bubbles
in my mouth
when i gargle
it overflows with bubbles

i took 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
but have no clue how much i took
and had no awareness about
things u shouldnt eat with it like "fat?"
please help

i drank quarts and quarts and quarts
maybe 6 of water and herbal tea
to try to flush it out
bubbles just are in my mouth all the time now
i think they are in my chest
2014-03-30 16:30:36
@teresa drink a lot of water, dont eat for 3 hours
2014-03-30 17:04:40
I keep hearing about drops. But nobody says how strong their drops are. Drops of 35% ? Drops of 3% ? How are we supposed to know?
2014-03-30 19:05:08
@anonymous If they say drops to drink is the 35%, 3 drops in a glass of destilated water to start the protocol
2014-03-30 20:16:01
@rex, Thank you for the ebook link. Very good site.

@teresa, sorry you had this happen. The thing your doing wrong is NOT READING! You MUST read the information to how to use this. All your questions and the answers are on the internet. Again, sorry your having a problem.

To the people that dont know or dont use peroxide already, READ the information BEFOR you start. Rex post a great link with a free ebook, some audio and alot of other really good information.

Peroxide is not a one time quick fix. More is not always better. Its a long term plan and must be followed and handled daily with care.

Again, PLEASE read and understand what you are dealing with.
2014-03-31 03:40:20
what is the maximum dosage of hp?
2014-03-31 03:53:36
The maximum you can take will be revealed when you vomit.
H2o2 food grade is used to oxidate/kill bacteria, virus, cancer, diseased anaerobic cells out of your body that don't belong. It gets rid of the symptom but NOT the cause of disease. The only exception is candida in your gut, which is at epidemic levels, with GMO, fast food, and heavy metals being sprayed on humanity with aerosol chemtrails from planes criss-crossing our skies.
2014-03-31 04:00:15
Why is the information at the top of the page (table and protocol) all gone?
2014-04-01 17:16:10
Chris, the protocol is about standard from what I have seen. I dont know the answer to your question about the table and protocol being gone. But its posted in other places on the web. Look back at the link Rex posted for a great source of information. Also a simple google search will find that protocol too. All that I have read tell what you need to know, how to use it, how to handle it safely and what side effects you may have.

Everyone is different, some cant take as much as others. But really, check out the link Rex posted and listed to the 2 part audio posted with the ebook.
2014-04-05 17:46:54
2014-04-05 20:10:59
h2o2 food grade protocol works for hepatitis / Aids virus too!
Info is in the book Health Disclosure - The sequence to disease and Adam Masters, its good.
2014-04-05 20:18:43
There is anyone there who knows someone who cure (HIV) them self with h202 protocol can do? Thanks to anyone opinion...
2014-04-08 20:12:00
my wife started on h2o2 without doing much research. she may have taken to much without being taken with distilled water. she has been having burning in her chest,and arms, and has lost her appetite, she has lost lots of weight and has no energy. has anyone ever experienced anthing like this?
Daniel Chatama
2014-04-09 04:44:40
All I need is the right dose H202 food grade Hydrogen Peroxide from all the answers and questions above. I have the product and I need simple answer or instructions how to use it. Thank you
2014-04-09 04:57:38
@jim, never saw this before, tell her to stop the h2o2, you should only take 3 drops in a cup of destilated water in the start
2014-04-09 08:02:44
@jim, I have not heard of this befor either. It does sound to me like she is taking more then she can handle. Yes I would stop and do more research. One thing I would do is use distilled water, H2O2 MUST be diluted down befor drinking it. Once again, Rex posted a link some days ago with a free ebook. PLEASE download and read it.

@Daniel, I started with 1 drop of 35% H2O2 mixed with 8 ounces of distilled water. I did that 3 times a day. If you feel good with that use 2 drops in 8 ounces the next day, ect..

There is no "exact dose" to use. Everyone is different and some can use more or some progress faster. Learn the safety and mixing first, use common sense in the amount you take and follow the basic time windows for food intake.

Here is the FREE ebook link posted by Rex

Copy an past that link in your browser.
It is loaded with information.....
2014-04-09 08:20:19
@fonnie, sorry it took so long getting back to you. If you do a google search for food grade peroxide, you will find many places to order it. I get mine at a local health food store. Also look in the products section of this site.
2014-04-09 14:50:16
How long has she lost her appetite?
Infuse with lots of probiotics to restore imbalances 3x per day, and add aloe vera gel 1 oz once a day in water to repair potential damage that may have happened going down the pipe, in the meantime. h2o2 is caustic, and you can potentially go into toxic shock from excess die off of anaerobic diseased cells from taking too much at the beginning.
Burning in the arms and chest suggests she was quite sick to begin with before she tried h2o2....need more details.
2014-04-14 01:04:47
Can you drink wine while on this regimen?
2014-04-14 07:28:40
Steph** it is prolly best to just stay away from any alcohol while on the protocol.. If you do decide to drink alcohol treat it similar to food, drink water after your last glass, then wait a few hrs.
2014-04-15 03:03:09
@Steph, I drink a little beer or maybe a mixed drink sometimes. It must be done like food in the time window for eating, treat it as food and you should be OK.

Anything that has a fizz to it like beer, carbonated drinks like coke, champagne, ect has CO2 in it. You should avoid them. Also yeast can be a problem with some beer and wines. H2O2 kills yeast and might cause you some discomfort. If you choose to drink some wine, do it with your meal in very modest amounts.
Reeza Bustami
2014-04-15 11:03:42
I am from Malaysia. Interested to buy Food grade HP. Please give details of cost including shipping etc.

2014-04-15 16:36:58
@Reeza Bustami, FG H2O2 is listed in the products section on this site. Or you could do a basic google search, amazon and most health food suppliers.

I am in the US and have a local health food shop in town where I pay about $22.00 usd for 500ml bottle. The price and shipping would depend on your area.

2014-04-16 00:07:05
The H202 can help cure pharyngitis? how much sould I take? I'm using antibiotic right now
2014-04-16 00:44:31
h2o2 food grade, Ramp up as you can handle. You have a weakened immune system. Consider increasing nutrients and decreasing toxins (cause). We are not allowed to talk about cures but h2o2 oxidizes anaerobic cells which includes cancer, bacteria and viruses.
2014-04-16 17:59:41
I have hypothiridism. Is it safe to take with levothyroxine?
2014-04-16 18:13:05
Hypothyroidism is caused by low iodine. Add selenium and vitamin B2 for activation and maximization of conversion of t4 to usable t3, all from a health food store. The main cause is from drinking, bathing, swimming in chlorine, bromine, fluoride and the removal of nutrients from food using pesticide and the spraying of chemtrails. h2o2 will have no help.
2014-04-17 00:30:06
I purchased my 35% through and the Distilled Water I get from the supermarket but it is kept with the Car stuff. That's where I get mine from and it's very cheap.
2014-04-17 00:39:49
For any one with the HSV2 Genital Herpes Virus, you may be interested in a vaccine which is being developed in Australia. Phase 2 trials will get underway during 2014. So far, so good.
2014-04-17 01:02:39
Vaccines and pharma are designed to hurt people under "agenda 21" (youtube).

The answer is to Just detox your body and nourish it. Oxygen h2o2fg will take out everything else.
2014-04-17 01:13:17
@Alan have you read anyone curing hsv2 worth h20?
2014-04-17 01:13:58
With* h202*
2014-04-17 01:22:36
With* h202*
2014-04-17 01:29:30
the testimonies r on this blog recently.
2014-04-17 01:40:40
@Alan what did you cure using h202?
2014-04-22 18:26:45
2014-04-22 19:00:33
You can cure terminal cancer in 2 weeks. I've done it for myself and my dad. have to cure the cause of cancer or it will come back again and again.
Read Health Disclosure by Adam Masters Balboa Books, that goes after cause of disease. It showed me how to get rid of the SYMPTOM of cancer using h2o2 but at the same time, how to reverse all disease permanently and beyond to thrive. I had more than cancer wrong with me and a list as long as my arm for 30 years...gone : )
No pharmaceuticals or colonoscopies, prostate checks, or sick days, they are gone too. Cancer is just a symptom and so is diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, autoimmune, obesity all of inflammation. Watch "Sick, Fat, and nearly Dead on Youtube. He/Joe just addresses one cause/solution of disease with astonishing results.
2014-04-22 19:09:44
2014-05-02 15:45:57
Has anyone got experience from installing a system to your household water supply that uses hydrogen peroxide. Any issues , feedback
2014-05-09 02:57:36
Anyone who is taking this protocol for herpes or planning to.. Don't waste your money or time. I prolonged how long I was at 25 drops 3 times a day and I'm sorry to inform everybody but for me it didn't work.. I was planning to get tested again next week and I'm having an episode. :/ sorry and I hope they actually come up with the cure to not deal with sores and trouble I know your having. Much love! I'm here if u wana talk
2014-05-09 05:30:08
Try a little longer.
Herpes is aggravated by dehydration (alcohol, coffee and lack of electrolytes), stress, malnourishment. Basically a low immune system. H2o2 needs help.
2014-05-09 05:38:36
Yea ^^^ what ever dude after following the protocol it shouldn't be a problem. Stop lying to people and giving false hope with this "product".. Alan just stop because you personally will not say that it will get rid of the virus.
2014-05-09 18:20:19
For herpes take l Lysine. Start at 3,000 mg per day. Until symptoms start to clear then cut dosage.
2014-05-12 20:28:13
I'm HIV positive. I have read about H2O2 protocol and I heard that because of my status I have to do intravenous H2O2, what is it and where can I do it as Iam in South Africa. But I have started using H2O2 with distilled water and Im on 15 drops three times a day which has given me so much different to my health. I want to be a living proof that it works.
2014-05-13 16:17:53
I took the lysine as well for a good about of time along with h2o2.. It's not big pharma but someone getting rich off of the people who want help with their condition.. If your not doctors and can't give medical advice then,Why the **** are you telling people to take these things?!
BHS Team
2014-05-13 16:34:13
Comments and discussions on this page are for users of the site and customers only. We do not offer specialist advice on the use of our products. By law, we CANNOT give medical advice and we do not TELL anyone to use our products for any particular condition.

We do not control what people write here but would ask that it's kept civil.
2014-05-13 17:20:52
It's great that people still care. John's passion means he still cares.
Health is about detox and nutrition. Nutrition has more levels than life-force giving nutrient-rich high density fractal energy food so the body can repair itself. Another level is a positive attitude. It is a form of nutrition your body needs. If you are seriously toxic on an energetic level that negatively affects you and those around you, consider seeking out crystal healing where you can have your demon-infested aura cleared. It worked for me. Infestation often happens with alcoholism, heavy drugs and during surgery.
2. I got rid of herpes with Lysine (amino acid-Arginine stimulates herpes), detoxing on several levels, high density nutrients, good sleep, hydration, no alcohol, low stress, and h2o2 over a long period of time. I found out late that you cannot cure a toxic condition by treating it with a toxin. Anything that is not life-sustaining is a toxin.
3. For Majabu, H2o2 Intravenous will deliver a higher level of concentration you need for HIV....along with doing detoxing liver and nutrition. The doctor administering the IV will confirm this info.
It's great that people still care.
2014-05-13 17:40:41
BHS Team- Ok, so you suggest these products to people.. Saying h2o2 helped me fix this is just as harmful as saying take this to fix this.
Alan just because you say these things doesn't mean it's true. No one knows who you are and what you have really done so unless you have some hard evidence for people to evaluate who you are and what you say, then you should probably stop preaching.
These conditions people have are something they think about daily. I know because I'm suffering from one of them and I want to help so they know bullshit when they read it. Alan if you wana help people how about you make a website. A site that shows who you really are because so far you cured cancer and herpes with taking h2o2.. Seriously man don't be a coward.
BHS Team
2014-05-13 21:02:00
No John, we do not suggest anything to anyone. Where does it say we said 'H2O2 helped me fix this'?

2014-05-13 22:57:34
That's that this forum is basically about.. Your h2o2 and what ever it's supposed to do..
2014-05-13 23:25:22
I will say for 'ME' drinking H2O2 has helped my blood oxygen saturation (monitored with a blood oximeter). I have not had a herpes outbreak since I have been on H2O2. I also nebulize, it helps my COPD.

I like it. It works for me. John, I am sorry you have not had the results some have had. Everyone is different in so many ways. I am going to 'suggest' to you that if you didnt find anything good with H2O2 or any information here, maybe your looking in the wrong place. Really, Valium does nothing to me even as high as 60mgs. But I can take 2 asprin and feel relaxed and sleep good all night. Even if its all in my head John, it works for me. Ask your doctor if H2O2 is right for you, he is the professional.

I hope I didnt break any rules of this forum by stating what 'I' do and what works for 'me'.

Good luck John and I do hope you find what you need.
2014-05-13 23:44:21
I don't think anyone would argue that there is benefit from a boost of extra oxygen. What is of concern is how much is safe; what are the dangers of peroxide to the body and what risks are you running? These are not addressed. In fact, if anything else is suggested its's denigrated. I mentioned that a vaccine was being developed. No, you don't suggest anything, but you intimate things. When you give a good description of the cons to H202 to the body, then I shall certainly be prepared to consider that. Richard are you aware that you can substitute your manageable condition with emphysema (a non manageable one)? The medicos can be a pain but at least do yourself a favour and find out all the facts before introducing this stuff to your body on one person's intimation. For those considering intravenous, you need to explore kidney and liver damage potential. I would also like to caution people suggesting going to Doctors. Make sure it is a medical doctor and not a doctor of some other type. I am the first to say that health is all about diet, exercise etc., but IF you are carrying a virus such as the Genital Herpes Virus then no amount of health is going to make one iota of difference except to keep the virus healthy as well. Think about it.
2014-05-14 05:33:42
99+% of medical doctors don't know about h2o2. There is nothing more effective to treat COPD and emphysema than oxygen. Pharma destroys kidneys and liver, and oxygen helps these organs. Obesity is caused primarily by a nutrient deficiency compounded by a toxic liver and lack of iodine. Diet and exercise only address symptom. Exercise is dangerous for those who are not healthy. There are no cons to h2o2 because it is a nutrient other than concentration tolerance that fluctuates from one person to another. Start off at a low level...Therapeutic dose starts at 15-25 (max) drops in a glass of water 2-3x/day. Maintenance dose is 6-14 drops once a day in a glass of water on a very empty stomach. That was easy.
2014-05-14 05:56:44
Susan. What you are saying is totally irresponsible. To claim ignorance by such a huge percentage of the medical profession, is truly not substantiated. Maybe a large percentage of medicos don't know about the H2O2 protocol, but you know what needs to be done? People need to support double-blind trials which can be written up in medical journals and THAT is what would revolutionise the situation, IF the trials substantiate these claims. I think it is important to encourage people to educate themselves. IF, after research, they decide to use the protocol, then fine. Here is only one small place to start.
2014-05-14 06:30:30
Richard I'm glad you feel it's been helping you. That's awesome! But have you talked to you doctor about what your doing? The thing is these "BHS" people WILL NOT take any responsibility for this product they preach because they know it's harmful..
I don't want people to get false hope in this "protocol" and people like Sarah Wilcox, well they're the problem. Let's see here, so 37 dollars for the "information" multiplied by how many people bought it and she's made a pretty penny. On top of that you have the actual "product" being sold at anywhere from 18- 30 dollars and it's become a damn beanie baby outbreak where people come to find out that it's not worth shit. Do you smell what I'm stepping in? If not can can dumb it down further if you like.
big pharma is a money making market yes but atleast there's more scientific laboratories that are actually working to find a cure that won't harm you in the long run because honestly you "BHS" people have NO clue what long term harm it can do. Plus saying the bull crap that you are doesn't make it correct. Remember even the nazis had doctors.
I'm coming to the realization that there isn't a cure because maybe they really haven't fully figured it out yet?!
If this "BHS" site wants to continue from here to "help" then you will state your names and show some kind of slolidity to who you are and what your standing for. If your not willing to do so then that's why I'm here because I followed the protocol an the diet. No results. No I'm here after taking this shit wondering if I might have don't more harm to my body that I can't see. So if you wana actually help people then get of the blog and send a damn email. I'm reaching out to real people and talkin to them because I care.
Please people don't take anything you read over the internet as fact.
2014-05-14 06:37:34
The FDA is a criminal cabal run by the bankers with an agenda. The doctors are obedient puppets on strings. The biggest fraud of the 20th century was health care. If humanity is to survive, the system needs to be rebooted with integrity. Research "agenda 21" and..."surviving the matrix by max igan" on youtube.
2014-05-14 06:45:48
Then be a pioneer and stand up for what you believe in. I've said it enough and even posted my email to help people who are searching for it. I'm not scared.
2014-05-14 07:58:31
Susan, no body is disagreeing with that. Please don't throw up red herrings. Let's get back to basics. The average MD has gone into medicine to "help" people. They take and oath which includes "first, do no harm". As a citizen I am able to choose whom I seek my services from - so I do. If I go to a Doctor and am unhappy with him/her, I move on. I know all about Agenda 21 etc. this is not the issue. The issue is "are you an MD?" "What evidence do you have that your claim of 99.9% of doctors don't know squat? Where are the double-blind trials on H2O2 which show its efficacy? I mean, seriously. If you would put your money where your mouth is and get all these people together to run such trials and show that this stuff works, then wonderful. You have my total backing. Until then you are no better than those you complain about.
2014-05-14 09:22:06
Hey John keep strong brother I'm on to something from NZ email me mate

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