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The Black Walnut tree, also known as the American Walnut, is a large deciduous tree originally found on the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada but now common to many countries.

The nut of the tree grows a hard, rubbery outer shell that turns black after falling and secretes a viscous black-green juice. It is the combination of juglone, tannins and natural iodine in the nut shells that give Black Walnut Hulls their ancient reputation.

The juglone found in Black Walnut Hull is a toxic defensive adaptation of the Black Walnut tree but its properties work equally well in medicine.

Tannins are produced by many plant species, including Black Walnut Hull, to counter attacks from insects and bacteria and to reduce inflammation. They are also found in many beverages such as tea and fruit drinks.

Iodine is well known in both traditional and alternative medicine for its properties. An iodine deficiency can lead to the onset of goiters, chronic fatigue and depression.


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