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» What is an Enema Kit?

Enemas (colonic irrigation) are a useful self-help bowel cleansing measure. Complementary therapists have long recommended the taking of a regular enema as part of on-going body maintenance. Distilled water, organic coffee or a very weak food grade hydrogen peroxide solution can be used to wash out the colon.

Nutritionists and doctors advise us to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. They are the source of fibre, living enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals absolutely essential for our healthy living.Nutrients from food and drink are absorbed via our digestive system into our blood where they are transported to various parts of the body for continuous regeneration of healthy cells. A diet high in fruits and vegetables will help maintain a healthy digestive system.

On the other hand, if you have a diet that has a high fat and sugar content, the food does not pass through the digestive system but gets stuck in the many folds, creases and small pockets in the bowel along the way. The colon walls become impacted with faecal matter that begins to rot and ferment making the whole internal environment toxic. Instead of nutrients being distributed around the body, poisons and toxins are instead. When this happens a condition known as toxemia occurs.

In a healthy colon, friendly bacteria will control unfriendly disease producing bacteria while producing a natural lubrication. In an unhealthy colon, disease causing bacteria proliferate and illness results. Constipation is often the first symptom. Regular bowel movements will remedy this situation and a regular maintenance programme is advised once the bowel resumes normal function.

If we could only realise the importance of internal hygiene to our general health, wellbeing and appearance, we would balance all our efforts for external appearance with internal cleanliness.

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